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Summed super steal laptop treetop

Just finished robbery, robbery group to share places missed stolen property, the police force was arrested.

Around 17 pm 5/6 , the police reconnaissance Duong district ( Hai Phong ) for security and found two subjects run the motor at high speed on State 10 in the direction of the Quan Toan Cau Kien ( Hai Phong ) are many expressed doubts .
Super robbery , laptop , tree , An Duong , Hai Phong
Exhibits of the case

Near the bridge , the two objects turn into a deserted crossroads divide the property has been robbed . Trace the object, the scouts got close catch a name , and 5 bags knife types , wallet , papers and motorcycle means crime . Name remainder fled to the village that night was arrested while hiding in the tree tops .

At the police office , the objects , including Pham Van Khang ( 24 years , in Hong Bang District , Hai Phong ) and Nguyen Van Thinh ( age 24 , in Le Chan District , Hai Phong ) confessed to cause a lot of cases robbery (mostly laptops ) on many highways , so can not remember how many specific cases .

Two subjects confessed , the implementation of asset robberies and also other objects Tuan Dung 's " fiddler " ( unknown address ) .

Morning of 6/6 , An Duong district police have made an emergency warrant for Lai Minh Tuan , 23, in Hai An District ( Hai Phong ) robbery behavioral properties .

Through struggle mining , An Duong district police also detained Pham Ngoc Khanh ( 29 years old , in Q.Le feet ) , is the object of consumption asset robbery group said . Also perform a search warrant at the Khanh emergency , security forces seized 19 laptops of all kinds.

According to a police officer Duong district , crime is robbery appeared on national highways in Hai Phong City area for over half a year .

In just over two months ( April and May ) in the groups has caused 8 robberies laptop in the district , with the slim behavior , cheeky . We usually go 2 people on a motorcycle and run the same direction as the victim .

By appropriate time , objects left behind will grab straps for handbags, hand carry a knife and cut the strap robbery and escape . We often have multiple routes to the civil servants working for the arms robbery .

Currently , An Duong District Police are continuing to investigate the case wide open .

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