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Interests weird guy on the laptop theft ... watch

Regardless of the camera, quite a salesman, after a few rounds around supermarkets in Hanoi, guy was quick flick of the foot on the bag and quickly slipped away.

On 25/9 , police Dich Vong Hau Ward , Cau Giay , Hanoi , said Vu Thanh Chung is custody (born 1977 in Nghia Tan , Cau Giay District, Hanoi ) to clarify property theft .
Thief ; Machine Supermarket ; Arrest , Theft
Vu Thanh Chung .

Earlier, at about 19h30p , dated 24/9 , Pico electronics stores , Xuan Thuy - Cau Giay - Ha Noi detect an object has room theft police report Dich Vong Hau Ward .

At the police office , Chung confessed , had previously caused many thefts at other supermarkets . Abusing employees not to í , steal for him to carry the bag and took quick scoot .

On 21/8 , at the supermarket Pico Xuan Thuy Chung also took a laptop computer Vaio trademark white , is worth about $ 26 million . Approximately 4/ 2013 HC supermarket - Pham Van Dong , Chung stole a laptop brand Tosiba PT 320L - 00T009 . On 9/14 , in supermarkets , Cau Giay , he stole 1 Samsung Galaxy note 3 .

Chung confessed , after graduating college , he was working as a telecommunications service company .

Wealthier families did not lack anything , but Chung has his hobby steal technology . They do not steal things to sell , nor give out that he used to at home only to ... watch .

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