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7 laptops worth buying today

The "face" bright 2012 laptop is worth following "rice bowl coin" while converging multiple advantages, while the attractive price.

The PC makers continuously launching many different product lines for customer did seem to be " overwhelmed " before too many options. Towards striking design , integrated features and efficiency of use, the laptop 's brightest faces in 2012 is worth following " rice bowl coin " while converging multiple advantages , while the price attractive .

7 . HP Envy 17

HP Envy 17 uses Intel Core i5 - 2430 , 6GB RAM , Bluetooth , Wi - Fi , DVD burner and AMD graphics cards . Envy 17 hard drive capacity is 750GB , 7,200 rpm / min . It uses a 6-cell battery allows continuous operation for 9.5 hours . In addition , computer support connections such as USB 3.0 and DisplayPort .

For Envy 17 3D , Intel Core i5 CPU machines like the Envy 17 , 8GB RAM , 750 GB hard drive 7200 rpm / min and processor AMD Radeon HD Graphics , Bluetooth , WiDi , Blu - ray and a pair of shutter glasses . Battery comes Envy 17 3D is a 6 cell .

Price : $ 1649

6 . Dell XPS 14z

Dell XPS 14z is Dell's products stand out in the second half of 2011 aluminum block design with slightly bring Apple 's MacBook Pro line , but bends owns softer . The most prominent feature in the machine is designed to help Shuriken Display the XPS 14z edges smaller screens typically up to 30 % and equivalent size machine only many other 13-inch model . XPS 14z has a thickness of 2.2 cm and weighs 1.9 kg .

In addition, the Dell XPS 14z also owns USB 3.0 connectivity , HDMI 1.4 ( 3D supported ) , keyboard backlight , DisplayPort ports , optical drives and discs as swallowing 8cell battery 58WHr capacity for use in time of about 5 hours .

Price : $ 759,000

5 . Toshiba Satellite L755 - S5166

Toshiba has promised to bring a laptop with popular style and high performance with Satellite L series , and the L755 - S5166 has to do it . This device comes with a vibrant display , high performance and fast processing speed . Sleek design of the machine makes us think that it has a higher price 600 USD . The only weakness is that Wall , the mouse buttons are quite large and heavy .

Price : 529.99 USD

4 HP Folio 13

HP Folio 13 ultrabook is HP's first form and direction to the business users . Machine brings many design features from its ProBook line as the upper crust of aluminum scratch , chiclet keyboard and touchpad behind . Folio 13 has a thickness of 18 mm and weighs 1.49 kg and fully equipped quite like HDMI port , LAN with Vietnamese standard size advantage over competitors in the same line of ultrabooks .

HP Folio 13 equipped with 13.3 -inch screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixel configuration with Intel Core i5 - 2467M 1.6GHz , RAM 4 GB space and 128 GB SSD . Length battery used by the manufacturer is 9.5 hours continuously .

Price : 821.07 USD

3 . New MacBook Air

As the laptop is rated as " supermodel " in recent years , the MacBook Air can not seem to rival even though the market has appeared several ultrabook models .

MacBook Air has launched new designs are no different than the previous version . However, inside the MacBook Air is pretty much improved . " Air " is equipped with Intel Core i5 processor running at 3 generation 2.8 GHz clock speed , which promises high performance and extended battery life of the machine . Performance is also excellent with 128 GB SSD drive also integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 has proved superior to the " predecessor " HD 3000 in its ability to render the game graphics or low-level support for the heavy tasks .

In addition, the MacBook Air is also equipped with HD FaceTime camera , 2 USB 3.0 ports , one Thunderbolt port .

Price : 999 USD

2 . Samsung Series 7

Series 7 Gamer laptop model is Samsung's first game . The machine uses Intel Core i7 processor , AMD Radeon HD 6970M graphics , 5,900 mAh battery , JBL speakers . The screen has 1080p resolution and 300 nits brightness . To highlight the WASD on systems using different colored lights to help light the other keys .

Price : U.S. $ 1,889.93

1 . MacBook Pro with Retina display

Similarly, MacBook Air , MacBook Pro refurbished with improved batch processing capabilities and display technologies . Ivy Bridge processor tuCore core i5 - i7 , compared to the MacBook Air dual-core chip . Increase RAM up to 16GB .

However, the display Retina Display technology in the iPhone and Apple iPad has been equipped for the new MacBook Pro . 15 - inch version has a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels , 220ppi , to become MacBook Pro notebook lines with the world's highest resolution , higher resolution HDTV .

Apple offers the option of storing 768 GB flash drive , 512 GB SSD or 1TB HDD and discrete graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M . The battery life at 7 hours of use.

Price : starts at $ 2,199 .

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