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Old trap Student Laptop

Strike a chord to buy used laptop cheap, fraudulent forms snare gullible students

Normally laptop will cost more than desktops due to factors fabrication technology . Many students will understand this , but when choosing to buy old laptop with limited purse , you often find the old laptop to the sample Ad , Cheap risky .

Students select desktop replacement laptop thanks to high mobility

Rather configuration

The average price for an old PC now includes 15- inch LCD screen , processor Pentium 4 1.8 GHz , 512 RAM , 40 GB hard drive about 2 and a half million . Such machines are configured to meet the needs web browsing , basic office service learning for students , but students are not favored. " Bulky desktop computer , so their covers much more inclined laptop . In addition, each time a dorm room or vacation home , laptops are a huge advantage " - Duy Anh , NIIT Institute students , sharing .

Most students have similar thoughts Duy . But with two and a half million are in stores in the City , it is difficult to purchase a laptop with enough configuration . Therefore, the search for solutions to network cheap laptops are more students applying . Have you purchased goods at low prices , but not at you with pity because " lost money carrying handicapped " .

Anh Tan - University Student Sports , Thu Duc District - said : " As far back as May has mutual friends online buying suites inn old Dell laptop for $ 3 million. Configuring the Pentium 4 was introduced as ... Spot checks , computer glitches and properly configured . When the user is on the computer three or suspended , said the new test machine configuration " virtual " is actually Pentium 3 ! Contact the seller o ... í ... e ... " .

And Blessed , students Hoa Sen University , annoyed fooled quite sophisticated . Blessed IBM X31 laptop buy in a shop on Bui Thi Xuan Street , District 1 - Ho Chi Minh City at $ 4 million. This is the right price but the actual test configuration on the genuine website , he said the machine was replaced RAM and hard drive capacity lower level . The duplicity of such help shop for a few hundred thousand dollars difference .

" Traps " high-tech

Where his friends Tan is not rare . They are objects that scammers targeting criteria " cheap laptop , good configurations for students " ! Currently , employment configure " virtual " laptop is not difficult . It can be easily done through software , to intervene directly in Windows regitry to change configuration parameters . In addition, they also lock the function keys on the computer BIOS to check the direction of the hardware configuration via the command " dxdiag " in the popular Windows - where we 've hung airport .

Structure laptop nondescript complex machine is patched

Many former students buying laptops online is often very subjective with little knowledge of their use . " The command to check the configuration via a laptop or specialized software such as CPU - Z , Everest ... can be fooled by the fake trick currently configured laptop . How to check configuration is the most reliable laptop BIOS streamed straight . For some laptops , the BIOS lock should consult before buying configuration is most reassuring " - Hoai Anh , technicians , consultants .

For students who are not familiar with computers , especially the girls are more susceptible to " trap " than the appearance of the laptop . Many laptops are produced this way at least 5 years , have used overseas to Vietnam and liquidated but the sale is still 98 % new ! That is the laptop has been replaced casing ( made ​​in China) to increase the uptake of students selected in the hardware has much repair .

In addition, many students find the interface Windows 7 operating system to make laptop with latest configuration " peak " which sell quickly to buy immediately . Analysis will want to see Windows 7 running smoothly requires more powerful configuration of that old laptop configuration is popular Pentium 4 . Slick interface of Windows 7 on Windows XP is due to the software interface "call processing " .

Things to note

Buying old laptop need more skills , more experience when purchasing desktop . Ideally you should get familiar with the techniques come along. In addition, a number of actions to check machine will help you :

1 . Check all buttons , ports, optical drive ...

2 . Checking the most reliable laptop configuration is streamed straight to BIOS and compare it with the original configuration on the website .

3 . Check the chassis . If you have cracked , broken ... Can computer has crashed , failed .

4 . Check the LCD screen ( dead spots , bruises ... ) . Fold closed , open the screen several times to check the cable connection .

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