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Port project land and Professional Laptop CA beat the story (Term 2): Address consume food and men robbed petition

Realizing the seriousness of the incident, the newspaper VOV - VOV reporter sent a team to conduct the verification of many, from the victim's family, the police Duong district, 3 robbers, witnesses, and all medical records by hospitals Vietnam - Czech Republic offers ...

Petitioning Word
The petition and the many newspapers that reflect and Pham Van Khuong Pham Ngoc Khanh . They are 2 father , and in the number of 180E , Hang Pagoda , Hunan Ward , Le Chan District , Hai Phong , and is also based Investment Company Limited , Trading and Services Khanh Vietstar by him as director .
From the survey results identified three robbers had sold his lap top to Pham Ngoc Khanh , An Duong District Public Security issued a warrant emergency housing , Khanh things for him , seized 19 laptops and type used and related exhibits . According to the police report of An Duong District , Khanh he confessed several times to buy laptop computers and the number of objects that do perform criminal acts .
Because all 19 computers seized , he Khanh has " cracked " wipe data , An Duong district police asked him Khanh present at the police office to explain clearly his laptop on and Khanh volunteer to stay working with the police to explain and clarify the source 19 computers .
Anh Khanh cooperation with police agencies from 06/06/2013 . By 14h35 ' , dated 11/6 , he discovered signs of fatigue Khanh , signs coma so the police took him Khanh Duong Hospital , then transferred to the Hospital Vietnam - Czech , then discharged after 3 days of treatment . Conclusion Khanh assessment showed he was a mild traumatic software , just cause bruising and scratches scattered small skin , bones and joints do not hurt , no intracranial lesions , visceral and dangerous for the life of the object . According to the announcement of the City Police . Hai Phong, Khanh injuries on his body before he has to work with police Duong district (which can record test , set at 17:30 on 06/06/2013 ) . In the process of working in the police , he Khanh not beaten , violated health and dignity .

SOS emergency application of Pham Van Khuong posts Report VOV ( VOV ) .
Before the incident , Mr. Pham Van Khuong Pham Ngoc Khanh and his petition and published many papers . Content Khanh petition that he did not know the food you consume crimes and An Duong district police " coercion " , beaten to the cause unconsciousness . Content " grievances " , along with photographs of injury , the blood stained shirt of his supposedly Khanh given by Mr. Jiang , has caused public discontent , creating suspicious police coercion , type Khanh his brain injury , causing unconsciousness . Supreme KSND Institute to appoint a task force to investigate Haiphong clarify the truth . So what is the truth ?
Word of the witnesses and
An Duong District Police Office , Colonel Tran Quang Co , An Duong district police chiefs and officials said the investigation : Police focus Duong district 3 fight pirates exploit the Khang Pham , Nguyen Van Thinh and Lai Minh Tuan , we are open to receive all the stolen computers were brought 180E address , Hang pagoda , Hunan ward , Le Chan District , directly sold to Pham Ngoc Khanh . An Duong district police raided emergency , make records seized 19 laptops , along with a bag containing several computers were cut straps ... Khanh and invited him to police headquarters to clarify seized 19 computers Khanh he had " cracked " erase all data . At first he only admitted Khanh buy 1 computer they Khang Thinh , Tuan . An Duong district police has invited technical staff of the City Police . Hai Phong on some computers and gradually restore the data owner , the owners were invited to identify stolen property . With such evidence , he admitted Khanh step : 1 pc , 2 pc , 5 machines , 7 machines then he 's bought us Khang Thinh , Tuan .

Place robbery group were summed laptop - Cau Kien Hai Phong
Pham Van Khang , direct robber with a knife to cut the straps bag snatching laptops VOV told reporters : " Total How many robberies did not remember . Just remember in time to rob , once it Thinh , once weekly for both driver driving a " war " . Upon detection of " goods " that we stick to , to open the empty space , the "I " car , a hand strap cutter knife , a pocket computer arms to " greasy " . There are the " eat in" at midnight . Even at midnight , then we Khanh also phone you to sell " goods " , regardless of the hour , not to " goods " to rob the next morning . When it comes to " row " , he Khanh began making paper we have liquidated . " . Question : " Name of paper not afraid liquidation time later police like? " . Khang said : " Do not write , he does not agree to buy Khanh , but we all signed the others, this name today , tomorrow another name , I have never really addressed it. There is the good machine , he Khanh pay 2-3 million / machine , but on paper he Khanh liquidation credited only 700,000 machine . "
Nguyen Van Thinh said: " Go to the store I stood outside waiting for him Khanh , who is Khang direct bearing on the machine , how much money they " saw " sometimes . Has the robbery together but they must trust each other . Kang could not stop eating with me. I went along Khang made ​​10 robberies , with 4 cases no computer , that's for bag, purse with gold chain inside , money , phones and much more paperwork . My father is dead . He committed suicide because of her mother's drug dealer . She is being held at Camp Xuan Nguyen 8 years on charges of drug trafficking . My sister is 10 years , the same prison with his mother , as well as drug trafficking . My brother is 9 months in jail for gambling Thanh Lam camp . And you are addicted , " ice dams " that he , 2 jail time . Maybe this round to go 10 years , I regret very well . "
Lai Minh Tuan admitted: " My brother is addicted to Camp Tien Lang . Last two years , but had to go for a year . 2007 Kids Camp 3 years 9 months on charges of robbery . Prison work out salary protection " wasting " so it is not enough for her newborn son , she had robbed the same dose Khang , unexpected new " eat in" a few cases they were arrested . " Hang " robs you have to go with 180 Wat Khang goods for sale ... Khang at home , and you just stand outside. "
Mr. Pham Van Khuong Pham Ngoc Khanh his father , after calling emergency transfer application dated 15.06.2013 by Mr. , the reporter said : " 0h3 ' on 6/6 , when the police are more than 10 people with his head down and said population known to have caught one robber selling computers out there for my children , I call you up . 1 robber leads police to look at my son , then I do not get . Then the police went to the car and into the lead robber 2nd . The mobster said "You are here List " , then you have realized . But later I knew it was the guy Khang . In fact, this second goal lead into the first guy is ... " . Mr. Jiang said that I did not have to take responsibility for the robbery to buy , because new sellers responsible . In agreement with the contents of a laptop is committed to selling his , not by crime , false if the seller is solely responsible .

To date , medical record Pham Ngoc Khanh , Vietnamese Hospital - Czech only provide
for four agencies : VKS Duong district , VKSND Supreme
Centre for Forensic Expertise and Haiphong Report VOV ( VOV ) .
Verify that the VOV reporters , the purchase agreement between the laptop group Khang Pham Ngoc Khanh , Thinh , Tuan ( this is robbery group called " paper liquidation " and signed under various pseudonyms ) were not included in Store books 180E cargo , as well as books and Investment Co. Ltd , Trade and Services Khanh Vietstar by him as director .

Add 3 and 1 robbery consumption address is detected
From the reports of the masses , Thuy Nguyen district police were investigating three robberies in the area laptop .
Verification of the VOV reporter showed three victims have the following identity . The first victim was Quach Thi Tam , born in 1986 , the bank staff . At 20:30 ' , dated 14/03/2013 , 1 robbed Acer brand computers while in traffic on New Town Road , 2km from Binh Bridge . 2nd victim is Nguyen Thi Hong , career teachers , 1 laptop robbed Sam sung , also in Binh Bridge area on 03/16/2013 . 3rd victim is Nguyen Thi Ai He , as well as teachers and laptop stolen in one region Tan Duong , Thuy Nguyen at 19:30 , on 13/04/2013 .
Thuy Nguyen district police conducted the investigation and identify the perpetrators of the robbery is 3 Nguyen Van Thinh and an object ( temporarily unnamed ) . Thinh confessed carrying both a laptop 3 of 3 victims to the address above 180E , Hang Pagoda , Hunan Ward , Le Chan District , Hai Phong City and sold to Mr Pham Ngoc Khanh .
Public Security Investigation Agency Thuy Nguyen district had summons to Mr. Pham Ngoc Khanh clarify investigation . There are Thuy Nguyen district police in collaboration with the Institute KSND Thuy Nguyen district consolidation profile evidence to prosecute the case , the defendant prosecuted .

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