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Flooding laptop for less than 7 million customers per population

The more you look at the end of the year, consumers the opportunity to own a laptop "branded" screen from 13 inches or more is easier just to spend the money from 5 million to 7 million.

The appearance of the series laptop priced under 7 million offers ownership opportunities for ordinary customers . Photo: H.P

On the market there are nearly 20 products with prices above come from many different brands such as Asus , Acer , Lenovo , Toshiba ... These products fit the needs of the customers budget , school and students or simply those who do not wish to purchase a highly configurable products .

Notably , there were particular about 7 Asus products , like Asus - WX277 X401A , X301A - RX153 Asus , Asus X401A - WX278 ... with prices from 6.5 to 6.9 million. Most are owned configure Intel Core B830 ( 2 Core ) 1.8GHz , 500GB HDD , 2GB RAM .

Along that E1 - 531 Acer Aspire , Acer Aspire E1 - 431 equipped with an Intel Pentium Dual Core B960 , 320 GB hard disk drive - 500GB , the 6.9 million , and $ 6.5 million B490 laptop Lenovo , Toshiba Satellite C640 configured with Intel Pentium B940 Dual 2.0 GHz $ 6.7 million ...

Even the representatives Thegioididong.com , with just over 5 million amount consumers can also own a laptop with good configurations of popular brands . For example, use the Lenovo G480 Intel Celeron B830 Chip - 1.80 GHz , 2GB memory , 320GB hard drive, 14 inch screen only cost 5.69 million .

So , for less than 7 million, the consumer is shopping only laptop with an Intel Celeron or higher Intel Pentium Dual Core , not to be " the next " Core i3 configuration . However, with the configuration as Intel Pentium Dual Core , handling simple applications , surf the web or run Photoshop smoothly and meet the needs of the majority of consumers.

Most products are applied genuine warranty from 12-24 months , free shipping from 20 - 30km ( depending on where and depending on the product ) .

In addition, at each point of sale customers can now receive promotions such as heat sinks , air bag ( Tran Anh ) lucky draw winners Kia Forte cars ( Top Care ) ; your bag ( Media Mart ) ...

Related to the consumption of the laptop market in general , with ICTnews exchange , representing a number of business locations are identified in the laptop market has gone through the biggest shopping occasions in the school year , as opposed the tendency to " wait impatiently Year " of many other technology items such as television, telephone ....

Even according to the representatives of the school year supermarket business situation in 2012 is not vibrant as expected , and the coming months will continue to laptop Circuit tough business , and quiet difficult to find a mutation .

The stimulus to the business market , attract shoppers laptop with promotions , discounts discharge , and technology companies also pay attention to the laptop segment to reach ordinary consumers , in line with the general trend of the current economy . Therefore, the market appeared many cheap products under 7 million is also understandable in this context .

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