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3 doors down the thief stole two laptop motel room

Taking advantage of the two-story inn suites have gone many thieves broke into the store with a hammer broke. Just snap the name of thieves broke 3 rooms "stole" 2 laptops and 2 million in cash.

Around 20:30 pm on 19/7 Accommodation ranges observed in the neighborhood of the camp 2 floors , Phu Dien commune , Tu Liem district (Hanoi) no , the suites are gone . Taking advantage of this opportunity thieves broke into hammer out 3 motel room door in seconds .

Townhouse 2 storey inn where the incident occurred .

Door was named the "burglar " breaking hammer .

You Duong Thi Nhi , directly detect the thief said: " At that time I was studying when he heard a thud at the door closed against high 2nd floor master suite ideal fix the door so I did not see . A few minutes later I heard the police knocking at my room for hours on the 1st floor should run out if he saw one of the young men took the map stole slip running " .

Detecting cases , sensitive to their minds , but when all the people and many people around to run to where the burglar has escaped name .

According to those who live in the neighborhood said the whole village inn inn has two floors , 8 rooms each with 4 floors of which thieves broke into one room on the second floor and two rooms on the 1st floor took away two laptops and two million .

3 of the 8 rooms were broken into and stole 2 laptops 2 million.

According to initial statistics , Mr. Ho Duc Manh on the 1st floor with thieves stole a laptop computer , Nguyen Van Duan stolen continent cabinets took two million in cash . As the victim on the second floor is a student to do extra work , call computer security is at the table , but to detect when people steal to check the computer has " evaporated " just a vent .

Known at the time of the village inn for two of the eight rooms at home . But so too early with near neighbors have a family karaoke loud so people should ignore all the thieves blatantly break the idea that no one knows all rooms .

Immediately after the incident the incident , the owner has to notify the victim lost property statistics to establish single reporting agencies

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