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LG, Panasonic and Sanyo laptop battery overcharge guilty

Panasonic and Sanyo subsidiary has agreed to plead guilty laptop battery overcharge and car parts in the U.S.. The second sentence that the company must pay the U.S. Department of Justice's U.S. $ 56.5 million.

Specifically, the Sanyo has agreed to pay 10.7 million dollars for conspiracy to raise prices laptop batteries, Panasonic also pay 45.8 million for similar offenses in the car industry, the U.S. Justice Department said on 5 (18/7) through a notification.

LG Chem, a battery manufacturer admitted behavior improve the product and suffer punishment 1.056 million. Home PC World technology that Sanyo and LG are both related to a price for making batteries from 4/2007 to 9/2008.

"Sanyo and LG is the only company first came to light in the companies involved in the same incident is being investigated for the anti-competitive behavior in the industry of manufacturing lithium-ion batteries "the U.S. Justice Department said. The size of the second offense up to global companies.

Sanyo, LG Chem and the co-conspirators held meetings prior to the sale price to the customer and send them a quote on what was agreed. The Ministry of Justice said "Sanyo, LG Chem and the company has committed to collect and exchange information for the purpose of monitoring and applying pre-determined price for the product." In addition, "the guilty and cooperate with the investigation of the steps needed to change the culture in which businesses and their customers become victims of price manipulation."

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