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3 doors down the thief stole a laptop motel room

While empty, thieves used 3 breakers motel room door in a snap and took away two laptops and 2 million in cash.

The thief used the dam to break the mortar in a dorm room door.

Over 20h on 19/7, 2 storey inn sequence of neighbors of the camp, Phu Dien commune, Tu Liem district (Hanoi) missing person, a young man with a hammer breaking the 3-door motel room in a heartbeat to break steal map. This action has been Duong Thi Nhi (in the motel room) and found people cough, but the thief was quickly running out.

"Studying all heard the hammer down on the 2nd floor, master suite idea should not be to repair the door, but a few minutes later a knock back, smashing his adjacent room so I ran out, the men found a Annual carrying some things run as ephemera, "she recalled of the Child.

After smashing and open the motel room door 3, 2 thief holding a lap top and 2 million fled.

Hamlet motel 2 floors, each floor has 4 rooms, in which thieves broke into a computer taken away his laptop Ho Duc Manh and into the room on the first floor of Nguyen Van Duan continent cabinets took two million in cash . A victim on the second floor is a student also lost a laptop.

After the incident, the inn has offered those who lost properties and statistics reported to the police for investigation as well.

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