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You also save the image of the old boys in the laptop

I recently discovered your laptop still save the boy's ex-lover so very sad. He knows and says it will delete the images but saved to a folder in your computer.

We know each other for a year, feeling very good . He shared , thoughtful , loving , caring , tolerant children , is model good man . When the laptop that he saved the old ones , you hurt too , but could not bear to think of delete , how could he forget that.
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I really do not know what to do anymore : Withdraw to his return to the ancients or persevere with his love ? I'm so desperate , ask for advice - ( kittens ) .

Reply to :
Dear Friends ,
If you love someone and want to be the only and most important in the eyes of love . No one wants to remember about the old way , by jealousy and selfishness is the essence of love . Feeling sad , upset, desperate you are experiencing that you love him so much .
Please share with you that other people want to forget memories are etched deep in conversation can not unless the people themselves want . You love him and after he had spent a very good relationship with people is probably old . In principle , when you love someone , you will be loved and accepted " full set " that man , including the past.
You feel uncomfortable and worried because he's still keeping the old ones . Do you think he still regrets , love old people . Board wondered if he had not forgotten the old man ? The answer is: there are old people , but love it or not, no one is sure .
When asked , what " old " is a section where you have to accept , do not be jealous or feel insecure because of what they did together in the past and the memories they bring . It is about one's own sun when asked and even when already married .
You should understand that when he's old and love so deeply that split, it must have been the reason that unwanted . It is important that the two of them were " off the shoulder " and now he's very concerned , loving you . The past can not be harmful to the present, the only way you treat the past as to how it really is harmless only.
What you need now is interested see the love he felt for her was how . Do you love or you really just using you to fill in the gaps of your old or considered as temporary parking facilities for the chance to go back to the other ? To get the answer , you should find out : He is in regular contact with older people who do not ? There usually compare to the old ? He mentions many old people do not ? Did you ever see that old people do not say to you ? ...
After you have the answers , and identify your love for each other and then he himself should know you will make the decision to continue or terminate their relationship .
In the case decided to ask you to accept , respect and give him a " private corner " to keep the old memories . And you should pay more attention to cultivating the love now . The past is the past forever . It is now important that you do your best to its role can gradually replace the old image of him in my heart .
Instead of focusing on pictures that he could not bear to delete , you should suggest to him to share memories , thoughts and feelings about his past love . Thereby you can know the extent of his feelings for the current date. Be subtle , cleverly let him know your feelings when he saw her picture , he thought to himself .
I would like to share some of the rules of conduct of the case you reference as follows :

Do not mention the old
There is no reason that I was asked to mention now that the old man with the burning feeling jealous . It would be useful if you learn a few aspects of their relationship before, see, eg, why they broke up . But note , if regularly asked about old people is that you are exposed a lack of confidence and their sense of insecurity there .

Thinking rationally
Do not draw out the problem does not exist . Imagination can make you rich enough to imagine things , believe things even imagine it : His eyes lit up when he heard his name ? Handshake of two men last longer needed ? The former is often covert messaging with ex ? All this vicious mind you can only be the work of imagination . Try to calm judgment actually see the current relationship of the two of you and he are old people like. Should understand the feelings remain between two people once close .

Do not make war
No need to compete with the former because he has chosen your current boyfriend and the other was left behind . Hostile posturing , to aggressive war is a waste of time and cause additional stress .

Be friendly attitude , fun to talk to him about issues related to older people . Tell him that you feel confident and do not worry about the appearance of the person.

Do not be intimidated
Maybe you will too exuberant when he is shown in front of a good person who loves his ex , but do not get concessions . Do not react too much , but you definitely need to know how to " strike back " .

Be yourself

Do not try to change your personality or behavior to seem like old people . He gave the old man for a reason, and choose you because of your own characteristics . Maybe he was silently admiring something in the old . You know , but do not try to do the same thing .

To his own choice
Let him know what you think , how you feel about what you saw and anxiety . Then let him decide what to do .

Put him on your relationship
Give him the choice to replace him by referring your friends to the group he has a new relationship and not to depend too much on the relationship with the ex .

Create new memories
He has a lot of memories for old people , but now he's with you and you need to create new memories and love for him to gradually forget old memories .

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