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What to do after bought a new laptop

After "bought" a new laptop, the user needs to shop some more attention is needed to protect the "little pet" and clean, reinstall the computer is clean, optimize, and backup .

Shopping at shockproof bag

These items are essential to protect your laptop . Do not delay , immediately after buying a laptop , go shopping at a shockproof bag . Bags are more shock-resistant type, in which the user should choose to buy for smooth rubber good elasticity , can feel at ease when holding .

Shockproof bag is an indispensable accessory for laptop .

Buy the laptop sanitation

Needless to distinguish male or female , everyone just buy a laptop , then you should leave a few tens of thousands to " bought " a laptop cleaning kits , just choose the simplicity of glue , screen cloth and soft brush to sweep dust is the keyboard . The glue wipe the screen with a soft cloth dedicated and will help keep the screen is bright, beautiful , long dust avoid causing dark days . As regular keyboard dusting will help computers better heat dissipation , keeping your laptop look clean.

Hygiene helps keep your laptop keyboard clean .

Glue laptop

Glue is not very important if you always know who is " gentle " with my laptop . Most cases of glue around and then cut with razor blades will cause skin abrasions . While color, design prototypes crust where less elegant and classy . But if you prefer the alternative , you can opt for a laptop " outfit " unique .

Glue is a good choice , but users should consider .

Installation of Windows and applications essential

Most places will sell laptop for pirated Windows client , usually just bung the GHOST ( a backup and recovery system used ) is finished . The Windows version works like this often unstable , potential unforeseen dangers , not to mention it always contains the software utility that unwanted users . So , it is best that you reinstall Windows from the original installation disk , and then manually install the essential software , such as drivers , Office , Unikey , Fonts the Vietnamese , web browsers ( Firefox , Chrome , ... ) , Skype , Yahoo! Messenger , dictionaries , ... , but not limited attention to multi garbage . Refer To post Windows is not ' sticky ' junk apps .

I reinstall Windows with all personalized backup to use before long .

PC garbage

If you purchase the right computer comes with Windows , you might consider reinstalling Windows using the new or existing Windows . If Windows is used , you also need to clean up the mess . Trash is almost here comes the application of the company where you bought your laptop , these apps are not really necessary for Windows . Of course , this task requires the user to have any experience to know to keep the necessary applications , such as improving the quality of the program accompanying audio sound driver , touchpad manager , ...

Let's clean up the Windows garbage for buying a new laptop before using .

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