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4-way extends laptop battery performance

The battery life of the laptop is always an issue to be concerned because we do not always have to charge the battery. Here are 4 tips to help you save battery life laptop.

1 . Plug the charger whenever possible

Please bring along the charger / AC adapter when to go out , and use this charger whenever possible . A common misconception about the laptop is constantly plugged charging batteries and bottles will shorten the life of the battery . With lithium technology used in modern laptop , this is not true .

2 . Adjust the screen brightness

The modern screen with an LED backlight advantages over previous desktop CCFT both image quality and power consumption capabilities . However, the laptop screen is still a part of the energy consumption of most devices . Reducing the screen brightness will help increase the amount of use , it is always more optimal method . You should pay attention in the choice of work location .

Another way to help you reduce the amount of electricity that it consumes lacai screen set the screen brightness to adjust automatically in Windows . MoControl Panel , select Hardware and Sound > Power Options , and click Change plan settings . You should set the time machine to turn translucent screen mode, low , from one to three minutes of non- use .

3 . Disable unnecessary applications

One of the main culprits is battery consuming unnecessary applications running at startup . The modern computer has many features that save battery efficiency , but they can only do that if the app is not open too much . These applications are not only unnecessary but also eats batteries the whole system slows down and as a vortex that takes the battery more for the same work .

4 . Disable unnecessary devices

Get rid of the PC card and USB or FireWire connection is not really necessary . Laptops typically integrated wireless cards , these devices consume power to detect access points , thereby saving energy when not in use to turn off this device .

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