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Why should not purchase laptops, new tablets this time

In general, buyers should wait for some more time as laptop, tablet equipped with the latest Intel Haswell hit the market.

13 inch MacBook Air is one of the first devices to use the new Haswell chip . Photo: Cnet

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Before the draw for buying ultrabook , computer all in one (AIO ) computer conversion , perhaps you should reconsider and wait for Intel's next generation Hasswell ( four generations of Intel chips ) inside . The chip increases device usage time considerably and make generation factor laptop , tablet later thinner , lighter .

However, if you do not pay much attention to the battery , you can also buy items " bargain " when the previous generation of products using Haswell chips will inevitably decline .

Panorama of the laptop market

When were moving to " Haswell era " , the market stuck with their laptop, "hybrid " as Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 , R7 Acer Aspire or Toshiba Kirabook with third-generation Intel chips . These chips have been used in most computers since 2012 . Only a small number of devices equipped with Haswell chip .

Basically , any current laptop which is also of the ability to handle simple tasks like web browsing , watching HD movies , social network and basic office documents . An average user does not feel the distinct difference between " surfing" the web on your laptop using Core i3 midrange and high-end Core i7 laptop .

However, they can be immediately impressed with the computer generation Haswell chip by using time extremely impressive . MacBook Air 13 inch 2012 version can watch video 7 hours 27 minutes continuously , while the 2013 version with Haswell chip inside is prolonged to 14 hours 25 minutes for the test .

The question you have to postpone buying a new computer and wait for the next generation Haswell chip or not ?

Desktop and laptop Large: So buy now

With a traditional computer or one PCs , Haswell chip things are not too big . The 15- inch laptop screen upwards by the same most of the time they are on the table and plugged .

Ultrabook : Select the version Haswell

One of the best thin laptops like the Apple MacBook Air or Sony Vaio Pro Haswell chip will be used sooner than everyone. Battery time is extremely amazing and value for money than the older generation of chips . Sure, spending more than $ 1,600 ( nearly 34 million) to buy the high-end ultrabook Toshiba or Lenovo Helix Kirabook but not used before the advent chip wise decision .

The tablet / hybrid devices : Waiting for Haswell

Tablet is designed for all day use , but so far as the Windows tablet Lenovo Yoga 11 , Acer Aspire P3 or Microsoft Surface Pro will not achieve the desired results as the iPad . All Windows 8 devices can benefit from the battery Haswell chip . If you want to buy Windows tablets , it is better to wait.

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