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New Laptop, good value for gamers

Currently most of the gaming laptops are worth about high prices, but if you still want to experience the new game on a modern gaming system and price "Fit view", you can consider Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p.

With a $ 1,299 price , IdeaPad Y510p Intel integrated fourth-generation Core i7 , Nvidia dual graphics display with a resolution of Full HD beauty , offers the best experience for gaming needs or movies.


Like its predecessor IdeaPad Y500 , IdeaPad Y510p version has been designed with an aluminum cover plate black hairline , a Lenovo logo floating in the upper right corner of the cover plate decorated contribute to the sophistication of the machine . However, the casing stick pretty much fingerprints , so the process will be used regularly cleaned and polished if you want beautiful machine .

Although " coat " outside design is quite simple, but inside the back cover design is quite striking . Frames are inside the same design and colors as the exterior , but the machine's keyboard features a brilliant red . Both loudspeakers are arranged close to the top and to the left and right edges .

IdeaPad Y510p 386.08 x259 size , 08x15 0.24 to 35 , 56 mm and weighing 2.9 kg . Significantly greater than 2oC version MSI GE40 - 009US 13 inch . Even more than the MSI GE60 - 003US 15- inch 2OE . The large size of the IdeaPad Y510p feels almost like a gaming laptop 17 inches so .

In terms of connectivity , the machine gives users plenty of connectivity options . Left side of the machine include VGA, Ethernet , HDMI , 2 USB 3.0 ports , headphone jack and microphone jack . The right side of the laptop also has a removable drive called the Ultrabay . Users can easily replace this drive with an optical drive or a second graphics card if you want . The evaluation version using second graphics card Nvidia GeForce GT 750 SLI support .

The right side

The left side
front edge


As a gaming notebook , IdeaPad Y510p features a sharp display and vivid . Screen size 15.6 inch LED backlit , Full HD resolution ( 1920x1080 pixels ) and " radiant " than the measured 321 lux brightness . Higher than the MSI GE40 ( 204 lux ) and MSI GE60 ( 260 lux ) . The screen of the IdeaPad Y510p also features color and impressive contrast , wide viewing angle and enough for 3 people sitting in front of the screen that can still look good .

In addition, Lenovo 's Theater Onekey software also allows you to adjust settings display settings and sounds from the taskbar . Transfer from Normal mode to Movie mode , to increase bass and contrast , making the movie you 're watching with the sound and better picture .


IdeaPad Y510p comes with small speakers output of 1.5 W , accompanying audio technology Dolby Home Theatre v4 help Y500 for good quality sound , powerful bass and volume loud enough to fill a large room . Even when the volume is increased to the maximum , the sound is not distorted .

As mentioned above, the user can tweak to improve audio quality when gaming experience or watching movies with OneKey Theatre software with the ability to switch between modes ( Normal , Movie , Picture and Music ) to match .
Keyboard and Touchpad

IdeaPad Y510p owns a backlit keyboard , backlit island -style red highlights . The keys are slightly curved and has a good bounce , the user will not see the phenomenon flex at whatever location , this is due to the rigid frame design .

The key phrase right will also help many gamers even work as well as play games , but the arrangement of separate number pad will make Backspace , Enter and right Shift keys slightly smaller , so the user will get an error when typing a new use . The layout of the navigation arrows at the side of the keyboard and key phrases will make some users regularly encounter errors when manipulating the key to this .

Gamers will be pleased to know the machine is quite sensitive touchpad , the touchpad operation on smooth surfaces , smooth , even when the edge of the edge , the multi-touch actions such as pinch to zoom , two- finger rotation hand gestures and multi trenWindows 8 working correctly .

Graphics and game

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p is equipped with dual graphics card Nvidia GeForce GT 750 with video memory of up to GGB VRAM .

In tests the overall graphic performance with 3DMark 11 , IdeaPad Y510p scored 5092 points , higher than average ( 1233 points ) and defeating opponents MSI GE40 ( 3498 points ) with Nvidia graphics card GeForce GTX 760M with 2GB VRAM and MSI GE60 ( 4453 points ) with Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M with 2GB VRAM .

When playing the latest games such as " Bioshock Infinite " IdeaPad Y510p dropped behind setting up the game at a high level (High ) , but the setting of the game is reduced to an average machine can still play well , even even better than other laptops in the price range .

With in-game graphics settings low (Low ) and IdeaPad Y510p to screen at 1920x1080 pixel resolution , the machine can play well with the average speed is 67 frames per second . A little slower than the MSI GE60 ( 73 frames per second ) . When setting up the game's graphics to maximum frame rate on the IdeaPad Y510p plummeted to 27 frames per second . With the same setup , MSI GE60 even lower than the average speed is 26 frames per second .

IdeaPad Y510p also get similar results when tested with the game " World of Warcraft " , you can play with an average speed of 176 frames per second with Good graphics settings and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels . Slightly higher than the MSI GE60 ( 168 frames per second ) with the same settings . Even when setting up the game's graphics , " World of Warcraft " to the maximum , IdeaPad Y510p still impressive 81 frames per second , rival MSI GE60 also scored 79 frames per second .


Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p with Intel quad -core processor clocked Core i7 - 4702MQ 2.2 GHz , up to 16GB RAM , 1TB HDD storage with 5400 rpm combined with a 24GB SSD . Machine scoring of test performance using PCMark 7 overall with 4871 points , higher than the average score ( 1800 points ) compared to the average , but lower than the MSI GE60 with 5654 points ( CPU Intel Core i7 - 4700MQ clocked at 2.4 GHz , 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD ) .

However, 1TB HDD 5400 rpm speed of the IdeaPad Y510p slower than the competitors . On Laptop File Transfer Test , when copying 4.97 GB of media , computer tasks in 1 minute 9 seconds with a speed of only 46.6 MBps . While rival MSI GE60 data transfer speeds up to an average 188.5 MBps .

It also very slow when booting into Windows 8 . Although boot time is 19.3 seconds , faster than IdeaPad Y510p average but still slower than the MSI GE60 opponent just 15 seconds .


Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p 6 cell battery , but the battery life test Laptop Battery Test with the continuous web surfing via Wi - Fi connection , office machine was 3 hours 8 minutes . But opponents MSI GE60 also no better with 3 hours 41 minutes .


The players want to find a strong system without spending too much then the Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p will be a suitable choice . With a $ 1,299 price , powerful machines with processors Intel Haswell quad core , dual graphics with Nvidia SLI and 1TB HDDs enough to install all the games that you want to store movies as well as comfort. Users will be impressed with the high resolution screen sharp and JBL speakers sound good .

However, if you are looking for a gaming notebook is lighter than the 15- inch MSI GE60 would be an alternative choice for impressive gaming capabilities with SSDs . However, IdeaPad Y510p is more prominent with good touchpad and large storage capacity . In general , users will hardly find a better gaming system than the IdeaPad Y510p .

In Vietnam , Ideapad Y510p version with the 4th generation processor Intel Core i7 clocked at 2.4 Ghz 4700MQ , 8GB DDR III 1600 MHz RAM , HHD TB SATA III 5400rpm drive , 15.6 inch LED backlit screen and Full HD graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2GB with optical drives sold 28,500,000 contract price .

Good performance . Good graphics . The screen resolution of Full HD . Powerful JBL Speakers . Affordable
Greater weight for a 15 inch laptop . Battery life is below average

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