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Thousands of laptops, tablets stock price shocks discharge.

For thousands of electrical products "exhaust stock - price shock" was launched in TopCare promotions from 21/7 - 31/7, laptop and tablet computers are 2 of the many products really attract the interest of consumers.

With the price " stock exhaust " only 12.39 million contract , the bonus gifts worth $ 700,000 , this product will be contributed to the success of your

Notably , all of these products have been put into place the super high-tech , stylish , durable , well-known brand ... Leading market . More importantly , during the " stock exhaust " , the consumer is not difficult to easily buy laptops , tablet PCs that you want with the price " shocks " .

Sony Vaio SVE14132CV 11.49 million contract price shocks .

For a long time , Sony Vaio brand has become the "dream " of anyone . In particular , dynamic user identity and to assert the Sony Vaio is the perfect choice for learning needs , as well as the work of " personally " when out with friends . SVE14132CV Vaio OS running on Microsoft's latest Windows 8 , this is the operating system for a fast-paced , well integrated with the hardware . The new operating system will also help you to experience a new , more beautiful interface . And special Windows 8 also integrates with most software you've used in previous generations of Windows , so you'll have peace of mind when using this operating system without fear of incompatible software .

This product is being TopCare " stock exhaust " the price " shocks " 11.49 million contract , bonus pair Vaio and Microsoft wireless mouse .

Lenovo IdeaPad S400 Laptop " stock exhaust " cheapest market at 5.89 million .

Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad S400 provides users with the features you need in a portable laptop thin and light with a sleek design with reasonable price . With the price " stock exhaust " cheapest market - at just 5.89 million contract TopCare , Lenovo IdeaPad S400 ( 14 inch ) is equipped with Intel Core i3 processor , high-speed ports to connect USB 3.0 and 720p webcam , allows the user ... good use for all daily work in the office .

With these advantages : attractive design , reasonable price , comfortable keyboard , and consistent performance graphics , the Lenovo IdeaPad S400 is a good choice for office users . In particular , with only 5.89 million price - this is a product of choice .

Dell Vostro 2420 Laptop , configure terrible , terrible price of 12.39 million contract , awarded gift set worth $ 700,000 .

Laptop Dell Vostro V2420 is the business laptop designed to definitely paint elegant style. Equipped with a powerful configuration with Intel Core i5 - 3210M ( 2.5GHz ) 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processors help people work every day , Email Management and create the most quickly . In addition, Dell Vostro V2420 laptop is equipped with connectivity features LED screen 14.1 " HD resolution will clearly be the ideal partner .

With the price " stock exhaust " only 12.39 million contract , the bonus gifts worth $ 700,000 , this product will be contributed to the success of your

Laptop Asus A46C - WX132 24 month warranty , stock exhaust - 8.99 million contract price shocks .

No worse than any brand on the market , the Asus laptops have quickly won the hearts of numerous consumers Vietnam through high-tech , stylish , powerful . Along with a lot of laptop products are " stock exhaust " in TopCare , Asus A46C with Coi3 processor , 2Gb ram , 500Gb hard drive , 14 inch screen with graphics support .... at just 8.99 million is a consumer product should not be ignored .

24 months warranty , Asus A46C not only makes the user peace of mind on the quality of products but also peace of mind to take care of after-sales mode , the Asus warranty .

Asus Tablet 8GB Memopad 3 colors , the 2.74 million price shock .

At the other supermarkets , Memopad 8Gb Asus tablet , 7 icnh being priced ranged from 3.2 to 3.5 million. During the " stock exhaust " from 21/7 - 31/7 , this is a rare opportunity for consumers can own this product for only 2.74 million contract .

With its compact design , youthful , this product brings exciting experience , novelty can not be found in the same tablet

The above is just one of the outstanding products are TopCare " launched " during " exhaust stock price shocks " from 21 / 7-31 / 7. In addition, consumers can easily search and shop around for other products bearing the brand name Sony , Dell , Lenovo , HP , Asus ... the most attractive prices in the market this time : Machine Yoypad tablet only 2.2 million , only 6.69 million Nesux 7 million; Dell Vostro PC sync only 6.69 million contract , Mambo CMS PC sync only 4,490,000 million .... Not to mention, every time " herd liquidation laptop product form " is also worth to visit to choose for themselves the intact PC lifecycle , ensuring high technology , famous brand , attractive price . For details, customers can visit or call www.topcare.vn 04:32 888 999 for advice .

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