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How to copy data on 1 laptop?

Single laptop (aka notebook) have relatively short useful life. Over time, the hardware components inside will quickly be outdated and damage is inevitable. Therefore, it is not surprising that the average laptop as time changes every 3 years.

Single laptop ( aka notebook ) have relatively short useful life . Over time , the hardware components inside will quickly be outdated and damage is inevitable . Therefore , it is not surprising that the average laptop as time changes every 3 years .

So , this is the time you should be prepared to copy the data stored on the laptop to the new device . Doing this quickly or slowly depends entirely on the amount of data and the status of your laptop is capable of booting or not . And the following are suggestions for choosing how to easily copy data on a laptop .

Where here is that laptops are still able to boot and access to operating system

Option 1 : Hard Drive Cloud

If your computer is always connected to the Internet and the amount of data to copy the selection is not very big store on the cloud , such as Dropbox , Google Drive or SkyDrive is a great solution . And you can sync to any device if you have an Internet connection .

The advantage of this option is :

- Compatible with all OS platforms

- Do not depend on external hardware

- Can be used without installing a 3rd party app

Option 2 : External Hard Drives

You do not often connect to the Internet or the connection speed is quite slow as 1 , the solution of choice copied to the external hard drive device is a simple choice . You will need an external hard drive with a capacity large enough to copy the data , can be a SD memory card , a USB stick or an external hard drive .

To use it, you should check your laptop supports connectivity needed or not . Also, you should make sure the format compatibility of the device with a laptop , for example, the FAT32 format is compatible with the operating system and can read NTFS on Linux and Mac OS , but not scored , ..

The advantage of this option is :

- Fast and easy

- No need to depend on Internet connectivity

- The safety is guaranteed

Option 3 : Network / LAN Share

If both laptops are the first two sources ' common home ' and using the same connection , you may not need to use 2 methods to choose on , that just set up a shared network between two devices .

You can learn and see how to set up a local network share in this family

The advantage of this option is :

- Fast

- Convenience

- No hardware needed

Option 4 : Use direct USB connection cable or Enternet

If you do not have any connection to the network , the hardware solution to connect directly to a good solution to connect and transfer data directly between two computers . Enternet connection cable is what you need . This cable looks like ordinary LAN cable and connect the same but the wiring is different inside , allowing you to send data between two computers .

If interested , you can consult the manual using Enternet cable from Microsoft here . And if you want to move data from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7 , you should use Enternet cable with additional use Windows Easy Transfer tool to help move the process easier

The advantage of this option is :

- Quickly

- Convenience

- No need to use the LAN settings

In summary

There are many ways to copy data , however, you should actively backing up data regularly to avoid the worst case can occur with laptops . Windows 8 is an operating system itself is quite convenient because it has built-in Time Machine features and offers many options available for backing up and restoring data in Windows.Hi hope this article will help at the you .

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