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Shopping for laptops for Council delegates tackled dread!?

Many of you read the response Quang Binh Provincial People spend 1.4 billion to buy 60 computers, each worth $ 20 million at the end of 2012, but did not see any use delegates.


Officer wasting the lessons learned meeting , was how to keep the other losses ... How did the conflict .


Shopping for laptops only positive imposing martial parade

Mainly to dread tackled only ( ! ) . " Laptop " fear " printer " should be printed to the event an employee does not have layoffs . Quang Binh is favored .

Le Ngoc Han

Only expensive

Technology equipment to dread but what if all you know which technology to use? Furthermore , the use for what purpose are they effective? It only cost taxpayers only.


Buy complete without

Shopping for delegates but no delegates used for :

1 / do not know how to use delegates .

2 / delegates for the delegates to learn .

Old Teo

So to help the poor purchase laptop

Maybe the deputies are not used to using computers too , can major in informatics .

Such a plan should recover the donated laptops to students , the effectiveness of learning a hundred times or at least sell the money spent on the poor ...

ly male biased

Do not waste !

Computer text more difficult to read in the paper . Want to contribute text , looked easy on paper to contribute more . Besides , sitting in session, what the computer needs ? So , the computer equipment for each delegate in the meeting is the " play to " waste . While , more than anyone else , Council must be aware that the money was from the budget laptop . Do not waste !


So invest in practical things

Go to work , there must be training gear . How to hire a carpenter who then purchase their supplies for ever . People's Council would like to use the laptop they bought for themselves . They 're not going to pay but where the temple . This hand does not know how to use them to enhance their purchase start spending . Should they be left alone . Once upon a time in the woods , no paid staff , the State must be fed , everything is level page , from a shaving razor blades for him to pieces scattered for her day of every month . And now everyone is over -paid . How that is a variable that corrupt minister , is seeking to split the budget butchered it . The memorable is the people themselves , because people do not remember . That does not remember " what page also grant " is to remember , but also more long memory , " creative " than .


20 trieu/1chiec too wasteful

I studied information technology , year-round use computers for programming , system design ... which also used the computer just 8-10 million price ( Updated computer brand ) while participants only use the computer to browse the web , edit documents , read pdf documents , pdf machine that investors take 20 million . Buy used 10 years to make while laptop computers can only be 3-4 years down already!


Purchased for decoration

Many , very many state agencies like this , every laptop equipped for leadership only to decorate the room.

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