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Equipped with laptop Council delegates to take home for the iPad?

Late in 2012, Quang Binh provincial People's Council deputies equipping a notebook (laptop), but of course 16 Council meeting held on 16 to 18/7, no participants used devices this.

Report describes Pioneers , hundreds of pages of documents for the photo session has been handed over to deputies .

Quang Binh Provincial People's Council Office said equipped laptop project worth $ 1.4 billion , consisting of 60 pieces, $ 20 million / units and associated systems and equipment .
The People's Council of Quang Binh still do things that way before hand as equipped laptop . Photo: TPO

After reading this writer thought , for whatever reason does not understand that the Quang Binh People's Council to " betray " budget like that, when the amount of 20 million per unit , the laptops that do not result regular class , but high-end shopping and it really new in late 2012 , which is still under warranty, you can not say simultaneously damaged or poor quality goods being . So why can technically eliminated.

There is a remarkable thing , the weight of most laptops now also be included in the accessories below 2kg , while most of the participants were not little old , his eyesight was blurred, and less stable , then the notebook under the 2kg bag ( not including materials , other materials ) , this was a " burden " for the participants .

Meanwhile , look to your province , also in machinery and equipment for the People's Council in late 2012 , but the City Council . Hanoi and Ca Mau , Bac Lieu and Soc Trang latest is coming back for delegates tablet ( iPad and Samsung Galaxy ) , a delegate to a meeting of the department is lightweight , the weight of each tablet only average 500gr . Not to mention Soc Council must also design a document management software of Delegates meetings to simple search .

In addition, the tablet should use the touch delegates should not use accessories not bulky gently , as to their opinions just picked up and developed on a gentle read . As for laptop said nobody picked up on the computer to read text across the face ever , and no one bowed down to see the screen on the table , tell the truth is inconvenient for laptops , too heavy .

Do not know if it's because of that reason Quang Binh Province People's Council took the series laptop at home , hall to manipulate text and handbook information , like when not equipped with a laptop , often to the Office that the Council direct that other equipment more convenient , as the Council tablets such other provinces .

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