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Guide to buy laptops as the

Rules, advice and tips to help you choose buy the most suitable laptop.

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2 rules when choosing to buy a laptop

Identify needs to carry a laptop on the move

Clients often ask : " What kind of laptop should I buy ? " . First, determine if you need to bring your laptop along the way many times / week . The answer will determine the screen size laptop you should buy , this is a major influence on the size and weight of the machine .

Those who regularly carry a laptop on the move to buy 13 inch ultrabook ( similar to the MacBook Air ) . Recently had reappeared the line ultraportable 11.6- inch screen range , which is a hybrid of tablet 11 inch laptops running Widnows . With this type of hybrid devices , you can disassemble the keyboard accessories and bring your tablet screen .

15 inch laptop is not suited for those who need to carry a laptop on the go more than 1 time / week .

If you do not need or rarely carry a laptop on the go , a laptop 17 inches or greater may be viable options . However, the 17 inch laptop is usually short battery life and very few samples with touch screen .

Design is king

After assessment and learn hundreds of laptops , journals Cnet said so many machines have component parts similar horrible , with the same type of CPU , HDD , RAM , graphics card ...

If you 're wondering what to choose between the laptops have the same components or similar , please pay attention to our design . Please choose a laptop with style suits you best , with a keyboard and touchpad ( touchpad ) feels comfortable to use .

This is an area that Apple makes very good . The internal components of the MacBook Air is not too different from many competitors (though the operating system is another story ) , but parts such as keyboard, touchpad of the MacBook Air is a great saying . For many people , the design of the MacBook Air has become the standard by which a laptop should be .

If you had to choose between a laptop and a beautifully designed laptop design but comes less than parameter " slightly " more than a little , you should choose the design for almost all kinds of popular laptop models are strong enough for the purpose of normal daily use .

The type of laptop

There are many ways to classify laptop . The laptop can be classified into the categories: multimedia laptops , gaming laptops , ultraportable laptop , ultrabook ...

In particular , the term " ultrabook " is used a lot. Technically , this is not a laptop that is kind of marketing term only laptops meet Intel's requirements .

Most ultrabooks are thin 13-inch laptops like the MacBook Air , but also includes the 14 -inch or 15- inch model . Occasionally, some non-standard laptops , but Intel's thin- and similar so-called ultrabooks .

To reduce confusion , this article will get the screen size as the main factors to classify laptop .

Ultrabook ( 11-12 inch screen )

The market has reappeared samples ultraportable 11 -inch screen and 12 inch , with new products from Sony , Apple and Lenovo laptop tablet hybrid , HP ...

These machines typically use low-voltage Atom chip from Intel or AMD chips sometimes - E . The 11 -inch tablet running Windows 8 can cost from 499 USD or more , plus $ 100 for the keyboard dock .

13 inch Laptop

13 inch screen size is the smallest laptop so you can work on it all day comfort . At the same time , this is the largest screen size suitable to carry on moving 1-2 times / week . MacBook Pro , Apple MacBook Air and Sony Vaio Pro 13 13 inch laptops are very popular .

As mentioned above, the " ultrabook " as a marketing term by Intel , but it is primarily used to refer to a lightweight 13-inch laptop with a thickness of less than 18mm and SSDs . Some laptop tablet hybrid has 13 -inch screen , although if separate keyboard dock , a 13 -inch tablet will be considered and somewhat difficult to use .

Medium-sized laptops ( screen 14 , 15 or 16 inch )

Laptop size almost fit only for use on the spot , or move around the house or office .

Most laptops of this size are using dual-core processors or quad core , is the most popular line of Intel Core i , with 4GB or 8GB of RAM , large hard drive with at least 320GB of storage space . In addition, we may come additional features such as high-end discrete graphics , Blu- ray drive ( but not uncommon ) . Intel also allows users name " ultrabook " laptop for a 14 inch and 15 inch if they put some requirements on the number and size , but very rare .

Laptop -sized with wide price range , from $ 500 to over $ 1000 , but the most typical is the price from 800 to 1000 USD .

Desktop replacement laptop ( desktop )

Laptop 17 inches or larger to fit replacement for desktop use . For this type of quad core CPUs are common , as well as discrete graphics from Nvidia or AMD . With a 17 inch laptop , you can choose products with FULL 1080p screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 , perfect to play the digital content high resolution .

Laptop tablet hybrid

Most laptop tablet hybrid ( with integral screen , flip up or fold down ) with screen sizes from 11.3 to 13.3 inches . These machines operate primarily as clamshell laptop . Some machines , such as series of Lenovo Yoga , which looks like a regular laptop . Meanwhile , as Microsoft Surface Pro machines operate primarily as a tablet .

Be careful when choosing to buy this type of machine for many products and toucpad keyboard works very bad .


Below are the available processors are Intel and AMD , as well as products using these chips .


Recently, AMD has released a sample of accelerated processor generation , previously known by the code name Temash , Kabini , and Richland . Instead of CPU , or central processor , AMD now uses the term APU or accelerated processor ( accelerated processing unit ) , that combines a CPU and a discrete GPU .

You will probably see the chip A4 , A6 , A8 , and A10 AMD used in the upcoming laptops Acer, HP and some other firms with many options for buying cheap and mid-range laptop .

Note: The number of laptops using AMD chips less than laptops using Intel chips .


Core i3 : Used in many cheap laptops and midrange . Dual-core Core i3 good enough for operational use computers everyday .

Core i5 : A common type processors from Intel , which is used in many 15- inch laptops , and even some 17 -inch model for $ 600 to $ 1,000 .

Core i7 : There in the quad-core version , often used in the laptop is a bit more expensive . Core i7 Laptop running really useful for gaming operations or video editing .

Pentium , Celeron and Atom : Today Intel still produces this power-saving chips . However, users should avoid using chips bought this laptop to switch to Core i3 .

Drives and Storage

Your laptop can use traditional HDDs or SSDs . In addition , there are also some laptop model using hybrid drive consists of a small solid-state drive ( about 20GB or 32GB ) to go along with a larger HDD . Theoretically , this helps the system boot faster and open applications more quickly , while storing video and music files on high capacity standard drive .

HDD - still used in most laptops . HDD drives and high capacity at low cost , but increases the weight machines , hot air and increase the number of moving parts in the laptop .

SSD : SSD run quieter and cause less heat than air , but also expensive with a smaller capacity . Apple MacBook 11 inch in just 64GB SSD for $ 999 , while most other laptops have 128GB SSDs , users can upgrade to 256GB , but have to pay a significant price .

Other Common Questions

I need the type of connector and additional features ?

USB port is the minimum requirement . Most laptops today have at least 2 USB 3.0 ports for faster speed USB 2.0 version , but is only compatible with USB 3.0 devices , such as external hard drives . Almost all laptops are Wi - Fi support and is compatible with most types of router or Wi - Fi signal . In addition, SD card slot and HDMI port is also essential for laptop users .

I can ignore the connector type and any additional features ?

Old- style VGA port appear in most laptops , but it's not really necessary unless you need to connect your laptop to CRT display device as the old type . DisplayPort or Thunderbolt port is only needed if you have compatible hardware . The Ethernet port can also skip to the ultra-thin laptop models support Wi - Fi , Ethernet port though still needed to prevent emergencies .

Bluetooth is also useful , but just in case you have mouse , speakers or Bluetooth headphones , if not ignore or disable this feature to save battery power .

Do I need an optical drive ?

Currently, many thin and light laptops has removed the optical drive . However , for those laptop users have the habit of storing music and movies on CD or DVD , this is still an important component ..

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