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Toshiba Satelite laptop series introduced U, M, E new lightweight

On 07/29/2013, Toshiba announced the upgrade many laptop brands Satelite U and M by the new Haswell chip Intel. At the same time, the company also introduced a lightweight E Satelite, technology integration Dragon Interactive Voice Assistant.

During the upgrade , Toshiba has come up quite a catchy new name for the product line . Accordingly , in the following letter T as the main name U50T will represent the word " touch - touch " , which is equipped with touch screen with the ability to identify and pre-installed 10 operating system Windows 8 . And as M50d or MD50DT D will be equipped with central processor and graphics chip from AMD .
Satelite U50 Ultrabook will be integrated 15.6- inch screen is Toshiba's first 2.3 kg weight , 2.13 cm thick . Batteries included for the machine can operate for about 7 hours. Computer ownership 1366x768pixel screen resolution , processor Intel Core i center the fourth generation , the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 , up 512GB/TB hard drive and 4 - 16GB RAM option .
In addition, the machine is fully integrated connectivity ports such as two USB 3.0 ports ( one port that can charge devices even when the machine is in sleep mode ) , a USB 2.0 port , HDMI 1.4 , card reader SD , Bluetooth 4.0 , support wireless communication standard Miracast content , Intel WiDi technology audio and DTS sound Studio , integrated backlight on the keyboard and the number pad area .
Satelite M50 Series appearance similar U50 line , but will have more options Nvidia GeForce GT 740M discrete GPU or APU 2GB AMD Radeon HD discrete GPU for enhanced graphics , multimedia entertainment . Weight decreased 2.1 kg U50 line , but the thickness remains the same as U50 2.13 cm with about 7 hours of battery life . The other specs are different.
Toshiba said it would sell two laptops on III/2013 quarter with prices starting at 700 USD .
In addition, Toshiba also introduced the E45 and E55 in the premium segment with screen size 15.6 inch and 14inch . E Series with Intel Haswell processor technology will equip the Dragon Assistant voice control ( such as shutdown, web browser or increase / decrease the volume ) . If you choose AMD A6 quad core , then the user will not have this feature .
Inside , the E will have the option to use the SSD as cache for HDD acceleration , especially integrating the new 802.11ac Wi - Fi to transmit speeds higher theoretical and low latency more . The other specifications similar lines U and M.
Price for the Toshiba launched version uses AMD A6 processor is from 580 USD . There i5 Intel Haswell will be sold soon in September for about $ 800 USD .
Because the price is not impressive compared to the features that Toshiba does not thrive in Vietnam for many years. The company's hit products such as Kirabook not be sold in the domestic market makes the Toshiba brand is increasingly blurred.

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