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Some software that searches for the missing laptop

Like "Find My Mac" Apple, you can install a utility locate your laptop if lost.

Services " Find My Mac " is one smart gadget that Apple provides Mac users to track and detect the device when it is lost or stolen . However, Microsoft 's Windows operating system is not equipped with a service with the same features , even for tablets running Windows 8 . Therefore, if you are using Windows and want to track the location laptop with your important data in case of lost or stolen , you will need a third party software . There are many services offer this feature , but require you to pay a fee , so choose a free software is more optimal .


In general , all services are monitoring mechanism similar activities . For example, you can install a software on your smartphone and set up an account with this service . If you lose your phone , just visit the website of the service provider , log in to your account has been created and can see the position of the device and control it remotely .

However, keeping track of a laptop difficult than a smart phone . The reason is because smartphones can still be connected to 3G or Wi - Fi network in standby mode so that it can provide for your current location quickly . Meanwhile , if the laptop is turned off or your can not connect to the Wi- Fi network , the location update is impossible .

Prey Software

Prey is a monitoring software is provided for both operating systems Windows , Mac , even Linux computers . Also, Prey can also work on a number of mobile operating systems are Android and iOS . Therefore, you absolutely can use this software to track service for all your devices .

Prey supports both dedicated monitoring service , but users will have to pay a fee . However, it also offers a basic service package free enough so that we can monitor up to three devices on the same account at the same time , save 10 different positions corresponding to each equipment .

Prey Upon installation , you will be prompted to create a new user account or login with current account made ​​by you .

Once successfully logged in , Prey will start immediately . It works as a Windows service by default whenever you start your computer. If you want to add custom configuration for Prey , you can open the folder shortcut Configure Prey Prey is located in the Start menu .

To customize the placement of notices laptop and receive reports on a regular basis , choose Options for Execution , where you can change and set the frequency of each reporting period to .

The way the track if your laptop is lost

You can visit the home page and log in using Prey account has previously entered into a computer . Here , you will find your computer and other related equipment .

If you lose the laptop , you need to click on its name in the Prey control panel and move the slider from the status " OK " to " Missing " ( missing ) . Missing Once activated state , Prey beginner track your device , so it's OK if the state will not continuously track the laptop location even if you have registered before. Besides , make sure you have enabled the Geo energy and tasks of this feature is to use the GPS hardware installed inside the laptop or the name of the Wi-Fi hotspot near your laptop to report its location .

On the other hand , you can also use Prey to establish a number of specific actions , such as creating alarm sound from the laptop if it is lost and you just believe that it's still around somewhere near her . Of course , creating a tone with a smartphone is more simple , because in that situation , is required to connect a laptop to the Internet to receive notifications of Prey and the alarm started . Then , make sure you save custom settings just his .

Once you have set the mode for the missing laptop , its status displayed on the home page Prey will be " tracked , waiting for the report . " When the Prey software on the laptop lost your connection Prey for servers , laptops will notice that it is marked as lost and immediately create a report to send to the home page . However, you will only receive this report if the laptop is turned on , connected to the Internet , and Prey software on still has not been removed .

Prey supports a mode called " reporting requirement " , which you can optionally receive reports immediately without having to wait, but this feature is not available in the free version . Therefore, please be patient to wait for a few minutes , you will still get the necessary reports from the laptop , which does not take a charge at all .

In case the report has been submitted to , you will see it displayed on the Reports tab . This report will include the information that you have previously selected , such as a laptop's location on the map , network status , IP address , screen shots and webcam images taken if the machine is be used . This information can help you quickly locate the missing laptop , and it is also proof useful if you suspect it was a deliberate theft .

Prey In addition , you can also try LockItTight experience with similar features and also free . In addition, LoJack for Laptops is a software very effective , although the cost to use , but it has more advantages compared with Prey and LockItTight . The reason is that LoJack for Laptops is completely integrated into the BIOS of many laptops , so this software works robust , accurate and of course removing it harder .

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