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Movement clearly turned into MacBook laptop

Not eligible to bought the expensive Apple MacBook, technology lovers in the city have the option to install the Mac OS operating system on the PCs which are manufactured to use the Windows operating system.

States with the Hackintosh

" Hackintosh " ( or OSx86 ) is the term used to call the version of the operating system Mac OS is " prepared " to be able to install on the laptop which Windows users .

Worldwide, project development Hackintosh versions have appeared since 2005 . But later , but recent movement " of " MAC OS in Vietnam is still quite exciting happening in the community who love technology and are made primarily on the laptop / notebook using Intel processors .

Someone who loves technology successfully install Hackintosh on a Dell laptop .

According L.V. Tai, a people " of " professional install hackintosh users in Ho Chi Minh City , to install Hackintosh , should first check the configuration of the machine is suitable or not . For example, to avoid the series with Atheros 9485 Wi-Fi card , the Wi-Fi card machines for Intel ( R ) PRO graphics card uses nVidia Optimus technology ( because does not work on Hackintosh ) , .. . then buy MAC OS installations Apple Retail prices range from 25 USD to proceed " dosage " of installing this into a Hackintosh and install on your device .

However, for those less experienced , they can also choose to download the Hackintosh is " prepared " available in the prestigious technology forum . After installation , you have to find and download the driver ( the driver , also known as " kext " ) on the internet .

" In theory , Hackintosh can be installed on most computers using Intel X86 processors and a few models of AMD . However, to get full device driver ( driver ) for the graphics card , wireless card , the laptop blutooth ... after installation , users often have to take quite some time , have to replace the whole section computer hardware to be fully compatible with Hackintosh "he Huynh Thanh Hung , a lot of experience with Hackintosh in District 1 , Ho Chi Minh City , said.

According to Hung , of the line laptop use Intel processors today , the Sony Vaio is the form of hindrance " tough " because most people Hackintosh compatibility in MAC environment is quite low . The Sony Vaio owners often choose to experience MAC OS on the virtual machine , or install the interface of MAC OS emulator for Windows OS .

Interesting but risky

Because they want to experience the MAC OS , Le Thanh Nhon , a forum member technology , also try the Hackintosh . He said Nhon , although looked quite closely, but when he started to set , the odd error started appearing . For MAC OS and Windows platforms using two different technologies many standards , the installation should also undergo a lot of transformation stage . After a day of " tinkering " , he has been Hackintosh install ASUS notebook but do not get Wi - Fi and USB 3.0 .

A group of people interested in HCMC Hackintosh .

Walking around a technology forums Vietnam Hackintosh community , can see quite a lot of hardware threads consultants to be compatible with Hackintosh . The errors on devices such as the mouse does not work , or computer crashes , some of the " missing " ... is one of the common errors .

" The initiative to replace the parts inside the device is a bit ... too much for the inexperienced . If you are not careful manipulation , the device may be damaged " , TuanAK - one member expressed .

Currently, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City also appeared Hackintosh favorite groups . The regular meetings and exchanges also help newcomers learn about this solution has the experience to " Apple soul " into the computer which used Windows operating system .

" Only expensive coffee only, but also glad that I have met him many common interests . By sharing the tips of installation and operation , the Hackintosh with his conquest becomes easier , " Hoang Son - IT students , in the offline sharing in HCMC .

According to the share of those who learn about Hackintosh , install the Mac OS operating system on my laptop with conventional solutions using Hackintosh just for experience or to meet a particular need in their work . If the MacBook Air as " the real thing " can start within a few seconds , a Hackintosh laptop users can hardly achieve the same speed if not equipped with hardware " terrorist" .

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