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Taxi driver accused 3A laptop weighs passengers'

After 4 days since he Khuc Vietnam Manh send an application to the Group on the Taxi label he left a laptop on by taxi driver 3A Vietnamese Nguyen Tien control, but so far only received a reply is in the process ... solved?

According to the report of his single Khuc Vietnam Manh , SN 1980 , residing in group 5 , Thach Ban , Long Bien , Hanoi : On 26-7-2013 in 21h day , he and four friends have started its first taxi taxi Goup from 72 Nguyen Trai about 110 Thai Thinh street to get something which has a black laptop briefcase . Once in the car , he put Vietnam in the front seat and a pair of legs in the front seat , next to the driver's seat . Next, move the drive to the hotel Aranya - 128 Hang Bong . After paying the driver the amount 150.000dvao hotel room and asked the driver to open the door , about 3 minutes off Vietnam he discovered his forgotten briefcase in the car . When he went back to stop the car was gone , he called for his Vietnamese taxi switchboard Group and announce it to the customer support department of the company is getting its information GPRS questionable title and does not endorse the car . To about 22 - 23h , he repeatedly referred to Vietnam PBX but still only get answers that are not certified vehicle. Entering the day 27-7-2013 , he received the invitation of Vietnamese officials Taxi Inspection Group companies work together driving . At the meeting , Vietnamese Nguyen Tien driving response is not unreasonable for the customer's attention to the map and could not hear the radio at the time of the total catch for the other groups , while still notice GPRS system start driving when the car is running 8km hotel / h .
His complaint Khuc Vietnam Manh on his laptop left on the taxi but regained 3A

After losing its laptop on Taxi Taxi Group to present 4 days have passed , but still no firm conclusions Taxi , pressing his Vietnam said single time I did report it to the agency proposed CQCA clarification on the loss of my property in the car , and its driver Taxi Group.

In minutes of work between its inspection staff with Goup Taxi driver and his Vietnamese Nguyen Tien Manh Khuc Vietnam . Vietnamese drivers in the record with the contents : After Vietnam he got off , I moved to Tran Phu Street , the catch is a top of 4 persons , while on the bus told me for the O Cho Dua , but when the Hang Chao , customers suggested alight . The taxi driver also affirmed Vietnam when he got off , I do not see and do not pick up anything .
Taxi Inspection Officer of Group Agriculture and Tran Anh Duong Trang Nhung work with PV

There 's Agricultural Inspectorate officials said British Ocean : Approximately 7h55 minutes dated 27-7-2013 , I have received information from Office client Taxi Group reported back to the client to forget 4389 laptop in the car , we have contact the driver but the driver's Nguyen Tien Vietnam Vietnam confirms not picked up and he did not know the Vietnamese forget your laptop in a taxi .

Yang also said inspectors : We suggest you report it to CQCA Vietnam , Inspection Company , after receiving an invitation of CQCA will coordinate with and continue his search for Vietnamese assets .
Taxi driver group which accused the company of " severe " loss of visitors map

Talking to Q & PL reported on the afternoon of 30-7-2013 XH , Trang Nhung Tran - charge of customer care unit Taxi Group said: After receiving his reflection Strong Khuc Vietnam , we have reported through the radio and locate the position of the driver , but for the moment , GPRS , can not fail to detect the position of the vehicle by the driver Vietnamese control . Furthermore, because the driver can turn down the radio Vietnamese should not hear the operator informed ( ! ? ) .
Inspection Officer Yang presented journey moves by Nguyen Tien Vietnamese taxi driver

She also said Nhung : Vietnamese Nguyen Tien Driving to work in the new company for about 5 months , drivers of cars branded Vios 4 seats BKS 30X - 5474 , has violated the regulations of the company for the customer to left their belongings in a taxi . "Currently , the company is the Vietnamese driver to break the force coordination function , tracing his property lost Khuc Manh Hung ." Ms. Nhung said .

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