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Glass Gorilla Glass protects the touchscreen laptop

Corning, manufacturer of glass Gorilla Glass protects the current leading smartphone has designed a new glass for better protection for the touch screen laptop.

Someday you accidentally dropped your laptop touchscreen that its expensive and its beautiful screen scratches . A sad ending and difficult to accept . Some current high-end laptop is equipped with Gorilla Glass lens , but Corning has launched a new generation of protective glass Gorilla Glass touchscreen laptop from everyday hazards . New tempered glass , called Gorilla Glass NBT .

Gorila Glass standards , which are designed in 2007 especially for the iPhone , can scratch very good , it also can limit the spread of cracks . With touch-screen laptop , more serious threat because the cost of replacing the screen is very high .

NBT Gorilla Glass not only protects the device when it is dropped, the case often happens with smartphones , but also protects the screen of the device to avoid scratches by hand or use the screen protector to avoid damage from the weakness due to scratches on the screen . According to Corning , the rate of consumer notebook touchscreen trouble with scratches twice as large users of other mobile devices .

According to Cnet , Glas NBT Gorlla certainly be more expensive , but Corning said the cost increase is almost negligible compared with the increased durability . " In fact , with the added cost of the retail price of the device is only 1 to 2 % , Gorilla Glass helps avoid damage NBT 8 to 10 times higher than with screen made ​​of soda - lime mixture " , Corning explained in a press release .

Glass NBT Gorlla currently available goods and Dell registered its integrated product line to its fall .

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