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8 killed habits for laptop users

The owner and proficient use a laptop today is not too difficult, but to be used properly, not everyone knows.

Clearly, in the present age , cost of laptops has greatly reduced , besides diversification both in terms of type, configuration , price makes a proprietary computer quite easily . We're still working every day , learning and entertainment right on your laptop , consider this and haunting .

Do not sabotage your laptop beloved by the habit of using improper

If you say you do not know how to use a laptop , many people will probably " hot surface " . It is true that the use of proficiency not too difficult , but the best way to use , ensuring a long life for the devices not everyone clearly . In this article TechZ 8 lists the most common practice has been applied daily users to " kill " your laptop faster .

1 . Using improper resource

Computer Resources is roughly understand people are not professional computer components are used in the storage , handling and running programs . The first error can be caused by accidental or due to curiosity to explore your love has created a variety of junk files take up hard disk partitions and CPU and RAM . Typically , the cost to your resources easily see when you store more junk files on your computer, the files are not worth using and you never cleans thoroughly .

Monday , when you install software often do not pay attention and always install the software sub- components such as Toolbar , additional software is not required , the installation of the software homepage . Of course , the junk files will be created , where the browser becomes stunned by the toolbar and limping over to just pop up to load the web page is not necessary . Sometimes , it will install the default browser search as : Snapdo , Dubai , Halo , ...

Tuesday , when you make uninstalling the software did not thoroughly clean the registry and empty folders remain on the computer , it will occupy that space and more CPU activity .

Wednesday , running programs in parallel is not required to boot the operating system will cause the CPU to become sluggish and slow processing speed over time .

Use overload computer resources will rapidly heat

In some cases at the same time using 2 antivirus software conflict causing them to occur and Overload . So you should choose only one for your computer antivirus software suitable configuration and use .

Regarding the use of computer resources so reasonable , TechZ just a few tips for you as follows :

- Do not install the program on your computer does not use a full lane , so selective applications frequently used and best kind .

Do not install too many applications do not need

- Read the instructions carefully install programs , view and step by step installation program to bypass the unnecessary stuff .

Routine cleaning machine to optimize resources .

- Use the default interface of the program as well as web browsers to minimize resource .

2 . Put lapptop anywhere

Many of you may already know that the location of where the laptop is clean and cool, but in some cases you should not put your laptop in the background as the location where heat absorption and keep long , which often the move. Well , airy floor clean can be a reasonable place to put your laptop as well as working in the hot sun .

Laptop is portable but not everywhere can be taken using

One thing you should keep in mind , the house is within easy reach and easy to dust your laptop from scratches . Moreover, you will sometimes accidentally trample your computer as well as the animals accidentally damaged computer . Where to absorb and retain heat longer will cause your laptop to heat quickly and hot longer . Or you can put where frequent movement will also inadvertently bring your laptop where it can be dangerous to get beat , fell when someone accidentally touches .

3 . For books on the keyboard

You do not read books on the keyboard to offline

When the computer is open or folded down , if you put it on a book or play the keyboard or lid of the laptop also makes it scratches . The cost to retouch appearance of a laptop will have a lot more time than you buying a whole book . Ideally, you should not place any object on your laptop to protect the exterior as well as interior equipment .

4 . For laptop in places too cold

Above we talked about the location of your laptop , here again to add one note to your readers . When the laptop is placed in areas where moisture and cold air can cause the computer will be " shocked " . Also, when you start the computer where this sudden computer will not work because of the temperature difference and give you one screen panic after it was " shocking " .

5 . Just Food has worked with Laptop

This is where I get a laptop user should note , when you 're drinking coffee or eating somewhere that works with your laptop. Unfortunately Can you bathe or to eat with your laptop while it is not necessary with digital devices , such as laptops .

6 . No accessory anti shock when moving

Do not for money but unfortunately not equipped with anti- shock bag for a laptop

Do not bring a rugged laptop or notebook carrying means unreasonable . Just equip his laptop bag and a backpack shockproof to protect your computer while on the move . Avoid places where there is easy to bump into your laptop while on the move.

7 . Self repair laptop

Self repair sometimes turned " into pigs healthy pigs lame "

Maybe you also know when to use laptop often errors occur during use , so you should not do it yourself and general practitioners to treat your laptop. If the problem is small you can repair it okay, if you do not know you should ask an expert or know about errors that your computer is infected. When you order a doctor can cure lame as lame buffalo more if deficiencies occur .

8 . Plug the battery charger when using the laptop for a long time

Overcharge the battery is also a " picture element " of your laptop

Of course, the laptop battery is not used , but you should note that the laptop was out of battery when you plug the battery charger and laptop causing higher temperatures . During the charging plug you should not play games or use more CPU resources . It will cause faster laptop heat , and battery charger plugged bottles long can the battery if your computer does not support self- disconnect power adapter .

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