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AsusPro PU500 - New Laptop for business in Vietnam

PU500 AsusPro version B400 ASUSPRO successor, equipped with 3rd generation Core chips, SSD drive and is priced from 14.5 million.

ASUSPRO , ASUS models are developed towards the business user segment - businesses continue to be introduced in Vietnam with a new option - Essential ASUSPRO PU500 .

This is for a " mobile office " for users by owning dynamic design , while maintaining lightweight performance thanks to the Intel ® Core ™ Generation 3 SSD (optional ) , USB charger . As a member of the family ASUSPRO quality P Series is proven through a series of challenging tests surpassed the industry standard security systems help users better secure companion , handling every job days .

Survey the needs of the user object will be ASUSPRO customers , ASUS provides some standard for notebook products for entrepreneurs, business . Includes :

- Features of performance and resource management
- The quality and optimum durability
- Design appropriate move frequently demand
- Enhanced performance and resource management capabilities

If ASUSPRO B400 predecessor recognized with many prestigious awards around the globe , the ASUSPRO PU500 is considered a " high-performance engine applications operate well , smooth and stable , lightweight design , the optimal keyboard " ( according NotebookCheck.com - Germany ) .

PU500 ASUSPRO equipped with Intel Core processor generation 3 brings better performance and energy savings . In Vietnam , the configuration version is equipped with Intel Core i5 SSD for better processing speed . Machine equipped with Windows 7 operating system license , USB Charger + fast device charging help even when the machine is turned off .

To enhance performance for users , equipped PU500 HD LED anti-glare screen , spill resistant keyboard structure to limit the impact to the system if accidentally dropped coffee or tea on board . Besides , the design of the keyboard is similar PU500 B400 , with reasonably spaced keys , the key emerging optimum navigation keys and numeric keypad operations specialist help quickly and accurately .

Capacity management and resource management , the models of ASUS ASUSPRO equipped security system fingerprint scanners and face in accessing technology, Intel Anti-theft Anti - Thief , Lo Jack and Intel Identity Protection Support resonance provides the ability to secure resources and data for advanced users .

The quality and optimum durability

To provide a prestige product , durable beyond expectations , PU500 ASUSPRO continue to be tested through challenging than the standard in the industry : the fall test at greater than 2 times the test hinges over 20,000 times open / close lid , pressure test on the screen more than 20 % ...

In addition, the machine is equipped with anti- shock hard drive 3 times in order to preserve the data in , automatic back- up battery information when below 5 % threshold , signaling power interruption to avoid affecting machine .

Appropriate design needs to move frequently

Compact design is the requirement of the client leading travel frequently , move the service to buy a laptop . With a compact design , seamless , slim 22.5mm , weight 1.97 kg , body elegant dark gray , ASUSPRO PU500 always in the top -list selection of entrepreneurs, business people , professional journalists .

Tables larger drag 21 % for comfortable experience with the operation of the left-right mouse buttons to manipulate the exact make , quick-witted .

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