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Laptop open, but does not light up the screen

I use Toshiba laptop, open it up some today, the lights are still bright, still hear opening win signals, keyboard numlock, capslock light but the screen is still dark just do not see anything. So your computer is infected what? How it works again now? We wish all our consultants offline Dum. Thank you very much - Anh Thu

FPT Services Expert answers:

This is often caused by dim screen, depending the specific model machine. That machine is still running but no signal screen display.

This error occurs because light (backlight) or high-pressure monitors, can be modified or replaced with inexpensive cost. In case you made ​​a signal to external display (eg projector, desktop screen ...) is also capable of error screen (less common).

However, do not exclude the possibility that the mainboard fault (if turned up only source of light, no other signals).

Therefore, you should not be treated at home but brought to the service center (if longer under warranty) or reputable repair center.

If needed, you can contact or bring to the center of FPT Services to be checked, advice:

No. 25, Lane 68, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi

Phone: 04 7300 0911 - Hotline: 093 225 1516

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