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Rating 10 best laptops in 2013

Today, laptop (notebook) is a personal items are indispensable at work, as well as learning. With a screen size of 13-17 inches, you can easily read, view documents, work online, and much more.

A laptop is considered best if it meets the requirements of high-definition webcam , integrated microphone quality , screen resolution should be to make the graphics work and watching movies , the images definition , not enough storage space to meet the needs of the user , can connect to the mobile device , and even have enough power to work with the graphics software Photoshop and Illustrator .

When deciding to buy a best laptop for your own needs , you should clearly define the purpose of use , the regular work done on the laptop . If you need to buy a laptop to perform work such as checking email , browsing the web , listening to music , you can choose a laptop with no configuration is very strong . However, if the job is like video editing , graphic design , store multiple document files , data , you should choose a laptop with large storage space , enough RAM and processor power powerful .

Here are some suggestions on evaluation criteria laptop before making a selection decision .


Two important factors to evaluate the performance of the laptop is powerful processor and operating system fast and stable . You should also choose an operating system works well and approachable , user- friendly . Also, if you have preferences graphics heavy game , you should also consider the graphics card . For integrated graphics cards enough to meet basic needs , but will not be able to upgrade later .

You should look for a laptop with at least RAM 6GB RAM ( greater capacity , load times will be faster process ) . Battery life is also a factor affecting job performance , so choose the best laptop meets 7 hours .


The strength of the laptop 's portability , a laptop size and weight difference . In addition, you are provided with options for display , can range from 13-17 inches . Thus , depending on the demands of work and personal preferences , you should choose the most appropriate device .

Group Features

The top laptops on the market today offers the choice of connectivity , such as Wi - Fi and Bluetooth . You can use Bluetooth to connect wireless headphones and connect to Wi - Fi Internet access in locations that support Wi - Fi connectivity . In addition, most of the computers are equipped with an integrated webcam and microphone to support video chat , online meeting or conference working groups . If you need additional features , you are interested in Blu - ray drive , security features , HDMI port to connect to high-definition big screen .

Warranty and support
In the process of using electronic devices , damage and loss issues , problems are inevitable should be more concerned about customer care regime of manufacturers . Most of the laptops will support 1 year warranty but others have much longer with an extended warranty policy . Also, you should learn about the service department customer care contact facilities to solve problems that arise . The manufacturer must provide an email address , phone number and live chat support to overcome the technical problems .

This is a list of the 10 most prominent laptop in 2013 , with numbers arranged in rank in the comparison table below .

1 . HP Envy dv6t

It features a strong resolution Full HD screen , battery life is 7 hours and use Beats Audio technology . In addition, many groups have attractive features , performance manhva luxurious design . But one drawback of the machine is quite heavy weight compared to other laptops in the list .

2 . Apple MacBook Pro

Having checked the type design with beautiful , stylish , powerful configuration plus continuous use battery life up to 7 hours for superior performance . One drawback is that laptop manufacturers Apple customer support via email should be much less difficult for the user of the technical issues arise .

3 . Dell XPS 15z

Configuration "crisis " , with 8GB RAM , a 750GB hard drive capacity and battery working time is 8 hours. However, Dell's customer support is a slight delay when receiving messages from users .

4 . Apple MacBook Air

The lightest laptop Apple 0.68 inch thick and weighs 1.32 kg . Cons: only supports 4GB of RAM .
5 . Sony VAIO S Series

Attractive design , the screen resolution is quite high , with video editing software Vegas Movie Studio HD . However, the sound quality coming from your computer speakers are not high .

6 . Asus K73E

If you compare the size of the screen, Asus K73E ( 17.3 inch ) will not have an advantage when moving , working . But with Core i7 processor and a dedicated graphics card makes the power of this machine multiplied .

7 . Toshiba Satellite P870

There is strong Intel Core i7 processor . However, with the integrated graphics card will reduce graphics performance is difficult to see the video and pictures of high quality .

8 . Lenovo IdeaPad Z580

8GB RAM , 750GB hard drive , but the battery life of 5 hours.

9 . Dell Inspiron i17R

High-definition display with a resolution of 1.600x900 , 17.3 inch size . However, the sound quality coming from the speakers on your computer should not be possible to use an additional headset to get better sound quality .

10 . Sony VAIO E15 Series

Another option for those who love to experience multimedia content , with integrated HD webcam and microphone , a Blu - ray drive and faster processor speeds . However, the battery life of only 5 hours, hopefully this will be improved in the future .

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