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Laptop screen better selling small size machines

The 11.6-inch laptops are outselling 15.6 inch and 17.3-inch machine.

According to a recent report, sales of laptops small size of 11.6 inch, showing signs of positive growth, whereas the laptop size (from 15.6 inches to 17 , 3 inches) than the previous E found quite a lot, especially in the European market.

The secondary user selection of compact laptops, has high mobility, can be explained as one of the reasons for this reality. Also have to mention that the small size of the device is the price of Microsoft support. Software giant offers discounts copyright strategy Windows 8 operating system for small devices. Not the purpose of this job is nothing but Microsoft likely to promote the type of device in class size under 11.6 inches to curb down the growth of iPad and MacBook Air.

Not only that Intel and Microsoft are actively expressed strongly in promoting products cheap laptops. In a recent financial statement, Intel said it would reduce the price of chips Bay Trail (release third quarter) for the PC manufacturing partners, they can help reduce the price of the device to better compete. The company also promises that touchscreen laptops in the future will be priced only 200 USD (about 4 million).

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