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HP Laptop touch screen and traditional keyboard

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 Sleekbook equipped facilities including 2 in a touch screen comes with a traditional keyboard.

The product " hybrid computer " take advantage of the flexibility , flexibility of the Windows 8 operating system via the touch screen has the advantage of keeping a notebook full functionality . This shift brings practical convenience for the user . True to the name Sleekbook , Pavilion TouchSmart series 14 is thinner and lighter design than the current conventional laptop . Also the 14 inch screen but the machine weighs only 1.8 kg and is 21.5 mm thick , fold back the screen becomes light and maneuverable .

With touch -sensitive screen on the operating system , " the brick " live , just a stroked shot , all operations are handled smoothly , accurately . In addition, information is always waiting for customers on automatic screen interface , which is the instant browser access is not the traditional way . Thanks to the dedicated software for HP Connected touch version available on this model , only takes a few seconds to start , and add a few hand movements on screen claws , any time you want to listen to music or share images , a series of world-famous tracks will be available for you to enjoy . The images captured on mobile phone and sync so you can easily share on your computer.

Spacious chiclet type keyboard with soft keys , a reasonable distance and has emerged rapidly bring comfortable typing experience is an advantage of the HP design . HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 Sleekbook just take advantage of the flexibility of touch screens in new ways , while completing office tasks quickly based on the advantages of traditional keyboard .

Recently mobility by thin design , light and touch screen is still just productivity by a laptop with full functionality , Pavilion TouchSmart 14 Seleekbook owning diverse applications from HP and Microsoft . Box with a 25GB cloud storage application is integrated with Google Docs allows users to share the " workspace " , store , access , manage online document repository from anywhere an Internet connection .

With multi-touch screen , users will also enjoy the free games entertaining gently from the Microsoft App Store Games manner intuitive and fascinating . The complete application for entertainment media including Cyberlink 's Power Director , Photo Director , YouCam and Power DVD allows users to easily edit images , video , audio to themselves create products bearing the mark individual publications .

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