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FBI can activate the microphone on Android phones and laptops to bugging

Safety information of users again threatened.

According to a recent report of the famous newspaper Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ) , the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI recently hired a group of hackers with high- level technology to interfere with the telephone, of users . Accordingly , the hackers working for the FBI can remotely activate the microphone on your Android device or laptop users . From here , the FBI can hear the conversations of victims that they did not know . The victim here is not limited to the owner of the device to run Android , but even the person next to them and tapped if the range of the microphone close enough to be recorded .

WSJ Information is believed to be derived from an unnamed former U.S. officials , however, there is no confirmation from the FBI or even Google , and the purpose of this job is said to " hunt trail crime " and prevent terrorism ... Maybe some people would rather shocked when this information is published , but in the past , this is what the FBI has been applied . In 2004, they had applied the same way to track the activities of criminals . In 2002, the FBI also used the microphone in warning system of a car to track a group of other crimes . The difference in the application of recent times is that they have used the monitoring tool is purchased from the private sector outside .

So how did the FBI can activate the microphone to the computer and Android phone without the user knowing about it ? According to the WSJ , the victim will be tricked install the tracking software when they connect their devices via USB ports with 1 other devices . There are also cases where the FBI will lure victims into installing monitoring software through a link on the internet fake like a trojan .

Although this source assured that the FBI was careful to collect information and track their only data relevant to the case , but it is also undeniable that the risk of information security of users are seriously threatened even when the phone they use everyday is in danger of becoming one reluctant spy .

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