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The best gaming laptop under each criterion

Option 1 gaming laptop fits in the current forest products is not a simple job.

Laptop gaming is a market not too big but still very active , especially in recent times . Besides the familiar names like Alienware , Asus ... many emerging manufacturers to compete with rivals , which is typically known for its array Razer gaming accessories .

This has created a vibrant market , helping the hardcore gamer more options than themselves . However, the selection of items in many gaming laptops available in the market is a problem . A good gaming laptop must meet the elements such as screen resolution , processor equipped and most powerful graphics card . Besides , speakers , keyboard , portability of the product as well as the factors that can not be ignored . Here is the best gaming laptop models according to the criteria , as voted Laptopmag page .

Alienware 18 : Best of the overall

Undeniably Alienware is still a monument in the village and Alienware gaming laptop is a product 18 . Alienware 18 is equipped with one pair of Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M , Core i7 Haswell latest platforms , 18 inch screen full HD 1080p resolution . The product also features the Alienware keyboard backlight with beautiful lighting effects make anyone voyeuristic watching them . This is the best gaming laptop on the whole and if not worried about the weight up to 5.53 kg , and the price ( starting point ) up to 2099 USD of it , you should buy 18 without even Alienware to think more .

Razer Blade 14 : Best Mobile Gaming Laptop

Razer Blade gaming laptop 14 is thinnest . Although equipped with formidable hardware : Intel Haswell Chip 4 's Core i7 , discrete graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M , but the manufacturer has designed the Blade 14 with a thickness of only 1.67 cm . It also weighs just 1.9 kg . Even more impressive , 14 Razer Blade is designed with high quality aluminum material , responsive keyboard and speakers for better sound quality . It has a starting price of 1799 USD .

Alienware 17 -inch Gaming Laptop Best 17

Dell Alienware 17 but recent upgrade not only strong with high configuration , but also stands out with its new range of light , making the system almost glow looks very bright and eye catching . Specifically , a new LED strip will complement Dell computer running along the edge ; touchpad will also glow instead of only at the rim light as before . Alienware 17 of 10 regions with the ability to adjust light color . Alienware 17 is switched to high- level design aluminum instead of plastic as the previous version .

It has a starting price of $ 1.499 . This is the price that Dell will sell you the version used 17.3 inch screen resolution of 1600 x 900 , GeForce GTX 756M 2 GB VRAM , Core i7 - 4700MQ 3.4 GHz , 750GB hard drive , 8 GB DDR3 RAM . Of course you can also choose to upgrade the graphics card and other components stronger . Specifically , Dell upgraded to allow discrete GeForce GTX 780M VRAM 4GB capacity , 32 GB RAM , SSD hard drives up to 1.5 TB RAID 0 configuration . Alienware 17 also have the option to upgrade to a 3D display full HD resolution .

Cheap Gaming Laptop Best Deal : Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p

IdeaPad Y510p can say is the most logical choice for those who want to own one gaming laptop with no financial resources are very much abundance . Still equipped with high configuration with powerful Core i7 chips , 2 card Nvidia GeForce GT 750M graphics , full HD display , 1 TB hard drive , but Y510p price of only 1300 USD .

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