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Choose Laptop for school year

School season has arrived. For dynamic young students, a good laptop and also match no less important books or transportation. You not only need a laptop for school, but also to meet the needs of entertainment, communication daily chat, play games, watch movies, listen

With the rapid growth of technology , most manufacturers are launching new models with attractive features the school year , students made ​​quite confused when choosing the its a machine like that . Let us begin to understand the criteria for selection of students laptop is a model you like the best for this year .

Compact design

Size and weight are important role than you think . For a student to be in military " arm handles provide " one -size laptops big and bulky is not pleasant. Because along with the laptop , you have to take a series of books and other materials . If the machine is too big , you will ultimately be very afraid to take it inside her , and as the value " notebook " of the computer will no longer exist.

A compact machine design will easily fit in a backpack when you move . But do not buy too small sized laptops ( screen less than 13.3 " ) , by the small size can also make you feel not convenient when working and learning . A laptop with screen sizes from 14 " to 15.6 " is the most appropriate for this demand .

Besides , should choose a laptop with rugged design and use of high-strength materials . Budget is not really abundant is also the reason why you need a laptop with durability designed to be able to serve you for a long time before you need to upgrade .

A laptop should also have attractive design with bold fashion . You should also choose the laptop with elegant design , young and fashionable colors to accompany the class or step out of life .

Highly configurable , battery health

Fortunately, technology platforms popular today have enough power to deal best most basic tasks such as web browsing , document processing , spreadsheets , watch movies ... But due to price of them is different, so you also need to consider whether you really need a laptop how to select the appropriate configuration .

Currently, the laptop is equipped with Intel ® Core ™ i3 , i5 or i7 is very popular in the market . If you only need a laptop for learning and entertainment as simple as chatting , surfing the web , watching movies and listening to music , you can choose i3 platform is enough . If you wish to play games or use heavy graphics applications like Photoshop or AutoCAD , you should consider the Intel ® Core ™ i5 or i7 . Going along with other factors such as hard drive capacity ( HDD , 320GB minimum ) , memory ( RAM , at least 4GB ) . Larger hard drive , the more you store documents , pictures , movies , music ... as large memory capacity , the application will run more smoothly .

You should also pay attention to the connectivity of the laptop as Wi - Fi , Bluetooth , LAN , USB , HDMI and other connectivity standards ... Connectivity increasingly diverse , the laptop becomes handy .

One other important factor is the time to use your laptop battery , because you do not always have her available power outlet . Pin as " buffalo " , the laptop becomes more valuable every time you move .


ASUS K46/K56

ASUS brand too familiar with the Vietnam Student by the youthful models , diverse , committed by a brand quality " branded " . K46/K56 is the new generation K -series line is considered the best-selling line of ASUS laptops on the market last year .

Price: from 11 million.


- Multiple screen sizes to choose from ( 14 inch , 15 inch )

- Only 21mm thin , weighing about 2kg , easy to carry

- Processor Intel ® Core ™ new generation 3 strong , effective

- Good heat dissipation

- 2 Year Warranty


- There are many colors and patterns

Dell Inspiron 5420

A brand familiarity with the technology -rich products on the market for easy shopping . Dell Inspiron 5420 processor fitted with 3 new generation , discrete graphics, compelling students to test the game strong .

Price: 12 million.


- Configure , suitable learning and entertainment

- Powerful discrete graphics

- Multiple color options


- Machine is quite thick and heavy ( 2.3 kg )

- Screen mirror ball prone and difficult to observe under strong light

- Only 1 year warranty

ASUS X450 / X550

This is the new generation of ASUS X series , thinner design of the previous generation 5 % , the processor generation Intel ® Core ™ 3 , optional discrete graphics or integrated , so circular design motifs fancy and luxurious , fast restart in 2 seconds , saving battery life , multi-touch mouse b2n the gesture recognition technology smart .

Price: from 9.99 million.


- Design beautiful , slim " close to " standard Ultrabook

- SHE II Technology Energy : save battery , quick restart , standby for 14 days

- SonicMaster sound impressive to listen to music , watch movies

- USB 3.0 ultra fast data transfer

- Large multi-touch table the mouse

- 32GB of WebStorage account free for 3 years

- Ideal Radiator


- No keyboard backlight

ASUS VivoBook touch

This is the touchscreen Ultrabooks running Windows 8 , with metal casing designed so scratch durable , elegant appearance and powerful configuration . VivoBook is the best-selling laptop touch the world and was voted the " Laptop of 2012 " by Information Society journals and electronic media organizations VN Media .

Many versions of the screen 14 " ( S400 ) , 15.6 " of S500 / S550 , equipped with NVIDIA ® graphics cards GeForce ® GT 635M with 2GB DDR3 VRAM , providing the ability to handle graphics and ultra- smooth 3D gaming .

Price: 15.4 million ( S400 ) .


- Advanced touchscreen , Windows 8 OS copyright

- Configure powerful , optimized graphics for users to work and play

- Drives HDD + SSD for super fast speed

- Run fast , battery saving


- No more color options Machine

Sony VAIO SVE14132CV

A laptop is quite stable in terms of style and performance with good sound quality for entertainment from Sony as well as options for students on this occasion . Configuring the Intel ® Core ™ i3 - 3120M , 2GB RAM , 320GB HDD .

Price: 11.5 million.


- Good Sound Technology

- Windows 8

- Many useful shortcuts


- Machine is quite thick

- Hard disk capacity is not high

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