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With the massive amount of work and function perfectly so our computer is always running 24/24. From the small errors do not install software, applications will not run, or slow boot, but errors such as errors in operating system. Data loss, burn the motherboard, CPU error.

At times like that you often panic headache if you are not a professional IT people, so what do you do when the computer is broken. course is called cousins​​, who know about IT computer repair for you, make sure the person you are professionally? or do you want to be the guy to mice apprentice or novice to computer and looking to explore. If you do not do it! Because the data is very important when we work as: lesson plans, drawings, essays, software ... We offer computer repair service, safety, reputation is the most rapid.dich-vu-sua-may-tinh

Upgrades, maintenance and repair of computers.
     Install the software: The operating system & application software
     Install Software Synthesis (common)
     Clean and perfect for the whole machine run faster
     NET installed computer room - GAME, networked Share discs, backup damage prevention system later,
     Maintenance - Repair - Troubleshooting for PC
     Install Windows, Word, Excel, Fonts, AutoCAD.
     Overcome and handle all computer problems.
     Rescue lost data due to accidentally deleted, formatted, fdisk ...
     Fixed machine crashes, reboots, slowness ...
     Virus Removal, install antivirus software, virus updates

 sua may tinh, sửa máy tính laptop

laptop computer repair

sua may tinh, sua may tinh tai nha

Fix PC at home

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