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Cheap Toshiba laptops hit series from 6.4 million

B40 and C40 Series is priced in the range of less than 8.2 million, while the current model L40 midrange segment with the highest rates of about 14.5 million.

After launching the first model equipped with Haswell processor , Toshiba this month to continue to market segments range computer cheap . Same as every year , it is time that segment cheap received the most attention by school subjects and students about to enter a new school year .

The cheapest of the new model is the company's launch line B40 - A100E Toshiba 14 inch screen with HD resolution . Machine configuration sufficient for simple needs or office including Celeron 1005M processor speed of 1.9 GHz , 2 GB DDR3 RAM , 500 GB hard drive . Notably, this product has both USB 3.0 port , full HDMI and Bluetooth . Reference Price is 6.3 million.

A bit more expensive than the two model lines , including C - 111 and C - C40 50A100E 14 and 15.6 inch screen with HD resolution , respectively . Both machines have 2 GB RAM , 500 GB hard drive as well as USB 3.0 , HDMI , VGA . 14 inch screen version using an Intel Core i3 - 2348M 2.3 GHz speed is 8.2 billion, while the 15.6- inch version for Pentium Dual 2020M 2.4 GHz speed is 7.3 million.
Toshiba L40 .

In addition to the above two samples cheap , Toshiba also launched in the mid-range model price is just over 10 million lines L40 with three configuration options . Also with 14 inch screen HD resolution but the L40 has 4 GB of RAM , two USB 3.0 ports , a USB port charging when the computer is turned off , Onkyo speakers , 2 year warranty and weighs 1 , 95 kg .

Version 10.3 million at the cheapest prices using chip - 3227U Core i3 1.9 GHz speed . Two other versions are used L40 Core i5 - 333U 1.8 GHz speed , but more model video card Nvidia N14P - GV2 2 GB VRAM 14.5 million , while the price is not the cost of 12.5 million copper .

The above prices do not include VAT .

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