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Getting laptop theft group

Dak Nong - Afternoon 6-8, CQ CSDT CATX Chiayi, Dak Nong decision prosecutions, the accused and the prosecution made ​​orders arrest of three subjects: Le Hung Cuong (1989, farther Number Dac, H. K'Rong Noah), Nguyen Van Duc (1982, farther Wer Dac, H. Dak fills), Anh Pham (1990, resident saponification, H. Phong Hoa, Quang Binh) behavior property theft.

According to the survey, beginning in July until now, taking advantage of the loopholes of people off guard, the 5 objects made ​​for breaking plow stolen laptop 5, 5 kinds of mobile phones households in the area Gia Nghia TX, totaling more than 50 million. The remaining property after the theft, the objects sell for $ 1-3 million / suction machine to get cash, and drug use in vacation rentals.

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