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Laptop use solar super unique

Sol laptop is equipped with solar panels can fully charge in 2 hours and 10 hours of battery life.

For computer users, especially laptop, the sun was an external factor never considered suitable for use. The light will make the screen easy to wash, difficult to observe. That's not to mention the sun will cause the radiator components inside the laptop and hard to heat up quickly.

But WeWi Telecommunications company in Canada to have a different way of thinking. They want to take advantage of the sun to generate power for laptop Sol. Sol was developed primarily for developing countries and usually have a power outage or other situation where there is no power but excessive sunlight. The machine is equipped with solar panels capable of absorbing sunlight when opened. Telecommunications WeWi said panels only takes 2 hours to fully charge and then give users 10 hours of battery use.

For more information about the configuration of the Sol will be announced in the coming days. Currently we only know that the Intel chip computers, WiFi support, HD display, running Ubuntu OS. The machine will be sold first in Ghana, Africa, with the starting price is expected to fall to about $ 300.

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