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Objects encapsulate hook laptop on the bus

Taking advantage of the leeway bus stops at the transfer stations, subject to shielding accomplices to commit theft of property.

At 7h20 am on 14/8 , the team working on the investigation and geographical lines PC45 ( Team 4 - Investigation Police Department crime and social order , the Hanoi Police ) on duty on roads Hung ( Tu Liem , Hanoi ) was detected and 1 objects caught stealing property at bus stops opposite the village Dinh , Dinh commune , Tu Liem district .

Through struggle exploitation is subject conducting Tran Van Tu , SN 1978 , permanent residence in the neighborhood 7 As Hoa commune , Kim Son , Ninh Binh , no criminal record , no job at the time the crime .

Tran Van Tu same object exhibits thefts

On 14/8 , invite each other from the same gang on the bus route 39 ( Nghia Do Park - Van Dien ) to steal the property of passengers . Around 7h20 same day , the bus stops at 39 stops across the road opposite the village Dinh , Tu and her companions found wearing tht black shoulder bag and stood close to the door up and down .

Taking advantage of the time the bus stops , Tu right hand zips her bag T. , and backpacks for shielding . Within moments , the gang of hand drawn Tu Asus laptop brands jumped into the bus and fled . Immediately , the task team has caught 4 PC45 Tu objects . Subjects also threw a laptop and jump on a motorcycle nearby escape . Ms. T. got my laptop back .

Bus theft is becoming more sophisticated and openly . The crooks targeted animals that now is not just phones , wallets , jewelry ... Just a little off guard by passengers who have the opportunity to make his theft .

According to a police criminal soldiers , generally object on two vehicles , a hinder or facilitate other name theft and escape . They often choose the car not too crowded , and select few stops , no volunteers Blues for easy operation . And when they get off the bus then had to support his accomplices escaped . However, the soldiers also expressed anxiety when most passengers left indifferent , indifferent to the things they witnessed .

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