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5 things to keep in mind when buying a laptop students

On the market today, choosing a notebook is not too difficult. However, to be first choice products suit the needs of the students is not simple.

The technology experts came up with 5 essential factors when choosing laptops for students .

1 . The quad-core processor

A computer equipped with the processor core as much as possible , however , the students do not need to have one computer processor "crisis " . Most computer processor "crisis " in accordance with the transcoding audio and video files , editing digital photos or video . If you only need to edit text , surf the web , a dual -core processor is all you need and it will save quite a lot of batteries for your device .

2 . Graphics Processor

If you are looking for a device to play games online , you should invest to buy a desktop or portable gaming device . A laptop with a graphics card will make the computer operations become slower , heavier weight of the machine . Learning laptop for your device is a lightweight , energy saving .

3 . Solid-state drive storage

For document storage needs at normal levels , a laptop with a hard drive inside to meet this demand . If you need more storage , experts suggest adding USB by using a solid-state hard drive storage with high prices and lower capacity hard drives .

4 . Touchscreen

Windows 8 is designed for touch screens . However, the touch screen laptop is " luxury " for one student . Thus , the selection of devices touch screen laptop is not necessary . You should focus on other important components , such as CPU , memory and storage capacity . Select a touchscreen phone and your tablet .

5 . Connect 4G

The Internet connection is easily one of the more important elements of the current technology and equipment . Many laptops provide broadband connectivity , 3G wireless services . A laptop integrates 4G technology is not needed when this generation wireless networks are not really popular .

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