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Prices plummeted laptop new school year

School season is a time of laptops and computer equipment sold to strong demand for student and students. We can say this is the sense in which rewards parents to give the children a year later, a stressful exam. The supermarkets, commercial centers also take this opportunity to launch many attractive promotions.

At the end of last year saw the grim business laplop general lines on the market . According to IDC information was published in Vietnam in the last 4 months of 2012 , the computer manufacturers and distributors have to face reality consumer PC segment is " flooded " inventory .

However, after about 4 months of 2013 , Vietnam notebook market is gradually prospering and strong signs of recovery . Report on the socio-economic situation has been precious I/2013 Statistics Office , Ministry of Planning and Investment launched early April shows , the inventory of computer products along with product groups e decreased by 31.5 % compared to the same period last year .

Currently sales of notebook items in the large supermarkets such as Pico , Tran Anh , TopCare , Nguyen Kim , Mediamart , Thegioididong , Dienmay ... are growing quite fast compared to the same period of last year .

The product line represents selling month primarily in the group range from high rates of 7 -13 million as Lenovo G480 , HP ProBook 4440s , Samsung NP300E4X , K45A - VX252 ASUS , ACER - E1 - 471G Toshiba L840 ... This is the product toward consumers and local new customers start using the computer . Buyers choose the cheap form part because almost all models are less volatile prices , some samples were adjusted discount because it had stopped production and newer model instead.

Also cheap PC segment , the thin and light laptops equipped with Windows 8 at a price of 13-18 million and is growing fast in number . The new operating system is highly user through improvements in work performance and interface science layout , very nice and compatible with touch screen laptops . Therefore, the Windows 8 laptops , especially the touch-screen machines with price not too high this is getting the attention of many consumers .

Tran Anh supermarket promotions are " Happy 8th supermarket opening in Vincom Royal City " with many samples laptop discount from 500 to more than 1 million along with attractive gifts . Sales staff said this time sales increased significantly . Customers are mainly students , students or parents . There has appeared laptops equipped with Intel's latest generation ( Haswell ) so the older chip life tends to be lower.

Range from 7-12 million is a lot of people ask about the price and buy the best sales . The price range laptops are equipped with Intel Core i3 3rd generation ( Ivy Bridge ) , Core i5 or even the latest generation Haswell chip with 2GB or more of RAM should be able to better meet the learning needs common set of pupils and students .

In other supermarket promotions Pico with " Happy Birthday 6 years old " and TopCare " Companion to school , converging cheap " there are many laptop models include discounted gifts .

Some models selling in supermarkets

SVE14132CV Sony Vaio laptops are one of the sellers on this occasion . This model is designed , pink mixed with white felt a lot of popular girls . Factory preset copyright Win 8 14-inch screen and Core i3 - 3120M chip .

ACER - E1 - 471G is one laptop notable design quite elegant and composed configuration : Intel Core i5 3317M , 4GB RAM , 15.6 inch screen , 500GB hard drive and 1GB graphics card . Selling price of the machine is 12 million with more promotion . With this machine , the students you favorite graphics , basic photo editing can completely satisfied with the performance and price of the machine .

LENOVO - 3000 G480 ( 59 to 351,766 ) - $ 8.5 million : Core i3 - 3110M , 2GB RAM , 14 inch screen , 500GB hard drive is rated as one of the models are pretty durable , touch keyboard type feeling good .

Samsung NP300E4X - A06VN - $ 8 million : Intel Core i3 - 3110M , 2GB RAM , 500GB hard drive , 14 inch screen , impressive price .

ASUS K45A - VX252 - 10.6 million price aluminum frame , Intel Core i3 - 3120M , 4GB RAM , 14 inch screen , a 500GB hard drive . This is one of those models have quite the Asus sales . The machine is designed to meet the most common tasks and suitable for both men and women .

A bit more expensive but bigger screen but style ultrabook , Asus model S56CA - X0182D 12.6 million consistent with your favorite movies and entertainment on the laptop . The configuration of the machine is : - 3217U Core i3 , 4GB RAM , 500GB hard disk drive HDD + 24GB SSD , 15.6- inch screen , weighing 2.3 kg .

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