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Review Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431 laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad ever often the products business, with the right price, ensure effective combination between strength, value and usability.

With the best keyboard design , stable performance , multiple connectivity options and Windows 7 for those who are not familiar with Windows 8 , the ThinkPad E431 ( 14 inch ) with prices starting at only 499 USD would be a good choice users are students, students or anyone who needs her shopping for a durable and portable laptop good price .


If you are like the traditional ThinkPad design , you will find no stranger Edge E431 . The design of the machine is the next square , black plastic cap on and stand out with ThinkPad logo in the bottom right corner , this logo will light up red when used in electric light or blink when the system sleep mode .

With 22.606 mm thick , the ThinkPad Edge E431 is equipped with all kinds of connectors , including optical drives . In addition to including one USB 2.0 port , Ethernet port , and a DVD burner . The left side includes VGA port , 2 USB 3.0 ports , HDMI port , Kensington lock slot and 3.5 mm audio port . Front edge is multi-format card reader 4 in 1 .

front edge

rear edge
The right side

The left side

Lenovo will also use a new charging standard called OneLink , which only uses a single cable to transmit power , video and data . Comes as standard is a " OneLink Dock " , allowing users to extend 4 USB ports along with HDMI , Ethernet .

With a weight of 1.99 kg ( 2.08 kg with extended battery ) , ThinkPad Edge E431 is relatively mild , but still worse than competitors such as Toshiba Satellite U845T - S4165 ( 1.36 kg ) , Sony VAIO Fit 14 ( 1.9 kg ) and Dell Latitude 3330 ( 1.81 kg ) .

Keyboard , TrackPoint and touchpad

Island -style keyboard design , spill resistant , good bounce of the key advantages that users expect from the ThinkPad line of notebooks Lenovo famous . The keys are rounded , slightly concave key surfaces , creating feeling when entering text . Unfortunately, the computer keyboard is not backlit option .

Like most other ThinkPad Edge E431 comes a trackpoint and touchpad . In there you will feel when using TrackPoint , because all actions are TrackPoint to quickly and accurately desktop , users do not even have to move from the TrackPoint hand .

Similarly Helix ThinkPad , the ThinkPad T431 's touchpad is large enough to manipulate , navigation tasks on the desktop is correct , including the multi-touch actions such as pinch to zoom , rotate with two fingers , use three finger to move the image in the photo library , press three fingers to activate the application ( Notepad ) and 4 fingers to activate the 3D menu with the task . Touchpad is quite impressive , but both left and right mouse buttons is not really sensitive uses such as in the old version of the ThinkPad , because users will have to use more force to press down .

Display and sound

14.1 inch screen , 1.366x768 pixel resolution display of ThinkPad Edge E431 reasonable image brightness , full-color images , but not really wide angle . When watching a 1080p trailer of " Riddick " and " Skyfall " , sharp images and accurate colors , but the dark areas of the image began to be reversed when viewed at 45 degrees both left and right . There is no touch screen option , even if you upgrade to Windows 8 .

The measured brightness is only 188 lux , Edge E431 's screen is darker than the average ( 210 lux ) of thin and light laptops . Dell Latitude 3330 is brighter with 213 lux , but the Edge 431 's screen is brighter than the Sony VAIO Fit 14 ( 191 lux ) and Toshiba Satellite U845T ( 174 lux ) .

Speakers on the front of the ThinkPad Edge E431 offers consistent sound , loud enough to hear in a small room . Experiment with the bass heavy song with " Forget Me nots " or " Smoke on the Water , " the sound is relatively accurate . Dolby Home Theater v4 software bundled , users can select the default settings for music on demand, its use (music , movies , games and VoIP ) .


The ThinkPad 720p Webcam capable of shooting in some detail , even in low light conditions . In the room with ambient light less light , webcam shots from objects displayed correctly but pale colors , pretty much noise ratio , especially in dark areas of the image .
Notably, the machine comes with two different camera drivers include standard driver 720p camera and Camera Plus Driver , is set to enabled by default . This driver enables face tracking , but only limited resolution of 640x480 pixels . But it's best to disable the Camera Plus Driver to be able to capture higher resolution 1280x720 pixels .

With processor third-generation Intel Core i5 - 3230M clocked at 2.6 GHz , 4GB RAM , Intel HD 4000 graphics and hard drive speed of 7,200 rpm , ThinkPad Edge E431 Lenovo offers strong performance , good enough to play video HD , handle complex spreadsheets , surf the Web and play the most popular game today.

On PCMark 7 , the tool can assess the overall performance of the system , the ThinkPad Edge E431 scored 2,430 points , slightly lower than average ( 3,182 points ) of the type of laptop thin and light , but strong than the Dell Latitude 3330 (1.465 points ) with Intel Core i3 processor

500 GB Hard drive speed of 7,200 rpm Hitachi boot into Windows 7 Professional ( 64 bit ) with a speed of 30 seconds . 6 seconds faster than the average and 2 times faster than the Latitude 3330 .

The drive of the ThinkPad Edge E431 also need 2 minutes 4 seconds to complete the task of copying data 4.97 GB of media files when checking in Laptop File Transfer tool , with a speed of 41 MBps , slightly compared with an average of 49 Mbps , but better than the Sony VAIO Fit 14 ( 24.4 MBps ) and Latitude 3330 ( 13.8 MBps ) , even though they both use the same hard drive as the ThinkPad Edge E431 .

ThinkPad Edge E431 integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics chip , good enough for watching HD video and playing the popular game today. Check the graphics performance of the system in 3DMark11 , scoring only 576 points machine , below average ( 893 points ) , opponent - S4165 and Satellite U845T VAIO Fit 14 has a higher score with 673 points and 652 points , respectively .


ThinkPad Edge E431 comes 6 cell battery power 48W or 62W . With a battery capacity of 48W , the machine can work 5 hours 27 minutes when tested by Laptop Battery Test , the continuous web surfing via Wi - Fi connection . Time is shorter than 45 minutes in comparison to the average of the thin and light laptops ( 6 hours 12 minutes ) .

However, with 62W power battery , the ThinkPad Edge E431 lasted 6 hours 17 minutes , 5 minutes longer than the average and equal Latitude 3330 ( 6 hours 14 minutes ) . Longer than the Sony VAIO Fit 14 ( 4 hours 46 minutes ) . However, U845T - S4165 Satellite prominent as possible lasting 7 hours 39 minutes .


Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431 has many advantages that users have the desired income level . With a starting price of less than 500 USD ( model evaluation is $ 649 ) , you will have a good laptop for business with a great keyboard , a pointing stick / touchpad exact match , Windows 7 option and enough performance to run most of the daily tasks . However, the viewing angle of the display is limited to note that if users choose this model .

Users looking for a laptop lighter , longer battery life can opt - S4165 Toshiba Satellite U845T ( 798 USD ) . Those who are looking for a more compact solution can select Dell Latitude 3330 ( 13 inch ) priced under $ 500 keyboard comes up . However, if you want a system that combines the best of both value and performance , the ThinkPad Edge E431 mobile should be the top choice on your list .

Good keyboard . Touchpad and pointing accuracy . Comes Windows 7 . Design durable .
Screen narrow perspective . Battery life is average . Heavier than some competitors .

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