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6 gold tip using and preserving battery phone, tablet, laptop

Did you know that the use and preservation of old batteries will be extremely harmful when applied to the new battery technology?

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Batteries should be properly taken care of because they are an important part of mobile devices and advanced battery technology is not as fast as other technologies . Unfortunately , many appear inaccurate information about the storage and use of the battery . Some of the old battery properly concept but extremely harmful when applied to the new technology batteries . For example , while the nickel -based batteries should be fully charged , the battery of modern , such as Li- ion batteries should not be fully charged 100 % .

1 . Avoid frequent use depleted battery

The nickel -based batteries such as NiMH and NiCd batteries need to be discharging from 100 % to 0 % in order to maintain capacity . Currently , most modern devices use Lithium Ion batteries . Lithium Ion activities and frequent shallow discharge will not be good for this type of battery . Instead, you should make the discharge of " farm " battery , such as battery discharge down to about 40-70 % before charging it again . Please do not try to pin down below 20 % , except for the case of force majeure .

If your device is 50 % battery , charge it again , and then discharge the battery to 50 % again , it will be counted as a " cycle " of modern Li-ion battery .

A single issue that the discharge of the battery can cause the farm : The laptop can display the remaining battery life is wrong . The laptop manufacturers recommend that you discharge the battery once a month to help calibrate the device battery life estimates .

2 . Excessive heat and cold will cause damage to the battery

Heat can reduce the capacity of the battery . This affects all devices . Smartphone will heat up when running multiple applications terror , and laptops can be hotter than when overloaded .

The battery of the laptop is placed next to the electronic components will become hot when in operation too much, this contributes to degraded batteries .

If you are in the process of laptop power adapter and use the machine gets hot , the battery can be removed to increase the amount of battery because it helps limit the batteries are exposed to heat radiated from the computer .

For those wishing to use laptops in the average , this approach does not provide much of a difference , but if you frequently use your laptop to play the game heavy , it will heat up very much , and this way very Any useful . Of course , this only applies to laptops with removable batteries .

You should also pay attention to the weather conditions . If you hold the device in areas where high temperatures - for example in the car does not turn on air conditioning and heat for the sun - will be bottle battery very quickly .

Let the device at room temperature and avoid taking machines in places too hot .

Cold temperatures also reduce battery life . Perhaps no one is unwise to take a spare battery in the fridge , but you should not have pin devices anywhere with equivalent low temperature ( if you live in cold areas ) .

3 . Do not leave the battery at 0% for too long

You do not often leave the battery at 0% . If the battery level , charge the battery as soon as possible . That does not mean you have to rush to the outlet when the battery depleted smartphone , but do not take the machine into a drawer and leave it there for several weeks without charging . If you do so , the battery may be " dead " entirely .

4 . Store the battery at 50 %

In contrast , the storage battery fully charged 100 % of the long period of time can also reduce capacity and reduce the battery life . Ideally, you should allow the battery at 50 % at the end of a long time . Apple recommends to the battery at 50 % when using the device to stop for 6 months or more .

Leave battery depletion too long can cause dead battery , while battery storage in 100% condition than can cause decreased capacity and battery life . This applies to both batteries installed in equipment and spare battery .

5 . Plug your laptop is constantly fine , but ...

This is still causing quite a controversy. Can regular laptop plugged in will not harm , but the temperature of the battery is the main problem that you need to consider .

Apple thinks differently , it recommends against constantly plugged the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro .

In conclusion , you can plug in a laptop while using the machine table , because the laptop will stop charging when the battery is full . However, as you should not take a fully charged battery into the cabinet , you should not leave your laptop plugged in for several months with a full 100 % battery . Sometimes , let the battery discharge before recharging .

According to Battery University website , " the worst thing is to keep the battery full 100 % at high temperatures ." So , if your laptop radiate more heat , remove the battery might be a good idea . If you own a laptop pretty "cool " and you occasionally discharge the battery at a reasonable level , you can plug your laptop charger frequently - even several consecutive days .

6 . Batteries are gradually degraded

By using and preserving battery properly , you can help many electric storage batteries and " office " so after a single charge . However, you can not totally prevent the aging of the battery , which can only slow down the process.

Like all other batteries , Li - ion batteries will degrade over time . Apple said that the laptop battery will reach 80 % of its original capacity after full discharge cycle 1000 . Manufacturers often make numbers from 300 to 500 discharge cycles .

After this level , the battery has been stored for use as less power and have a shorter duration . Temperature and time use also reduces battery life .

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