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Appears laptop battery for 10 hours of terror spending

Website Design Boom telco said WeWi (Canada) has launched products SOL - laptop solar-powered waterproof with a battery life up to 10 hours of continuous donglien.

According to information from the manufacturer, SOL was born to meet the needs of people living in areas without electricity or electricity is not stable. Specs of this laptop unpublished details, but according to news site Gizmodo, owned a SOL Intel processor, a HD screen, Ubuntu Linux operating system, and supports WiFi module satellite for internet access.

Sources of the energy is supplied from the solar panel size on the back of the screen. The device takes only 2 hours to fully charge the laptop and allows continuous operation for 10 hours continuously.

Ghana is expected to be the first market of this product with a retail price of around 300 USD (approximately 6.3 million).

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