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Asus Laptop Core i3-4 numbers / 2G RAM / 500GB HDD prices more than 50% to 3,990,000 VND (list price: 8.99 million dong) fever is creating great promotional price shock school season ever in Hanoicomputer market.
At IFA recently opened yesterday (6/9), in Berlin (Germany), several manufacturers have seemed laptop and tablet, which products are best?
An unmanned aircraft top secret U.S. Air Force has quietly "residence" in the space for a year, three days past - but none of them know the purpose and what is its mission.
For computers running one of these programs in your Start menu >> Run and type the executable file name, for example, type: charmap and press Enter to run the program
A teenage hacker known by the nickname PinkiePie said to have spent the whole week study of the attack and intrusion into Google\'s Chrome browser. As a result, 3 PinkiePie discovered undiscovered vulnerabilities to seize control of the computer system on Dell Inspiron, running Windows 7 and Chrome browsers with the latest patches.
A team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) have discovered a new way to increase bandwidth, making data transmission speeds by up to thousands of times the speed of existing 3G and 4G this.
Dr. James Whittaker, former director of testing at Google, Microsoft is back after almost 3 years of working at Google. He had a long blog post stated the reasons for the departure.
While consumers are still cheering for 4G networks, the wireless industry has begun conceived new ideas about 5G networks.
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