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Adjacent school year, many stores, supermarket retailers are continuously launching laptops for student promotion, student.
Sales phablet (smartphone tablet hybrid) has exceeded sales of both laptop and tablet in Asia during the quarter 2/2013, proved this type of device is not just a fad.
With a range of 10 million, is not intended to laptop-all, the emphasis on certain specific: some ultra-light, ultra-portable, owning some slim body with more parameters and stable quality, others are primarily devoted to the "paper clip", run office applications and data storage ...
Stay away from older CPU, considering touchscreen, consider other needs ... will help you choose the one most suitable model laptop can.
Join incentive program, buyers are reduced from 5% to 20% for equipment technology and get cash worth 100,000 VND to 500,000 VND.
Graphic Design laptops request must be large and sharp screen, the ability to accurately reproduce colors; chip processor and powerful graphics ...
Following the success of the VAIO E, Sony continues to create a great product for the active life of the modern student.
School season is near, thegioididong.com brings millions of students, students across the country to-school laptop program with 4 extremely attractive incentives.
On 23-8, Ho Chi Minh City People\'s Court trial mobile laptop robbery, stabbing victims and attacked on the street chased Republic (Republic of the intersection-Hoang Hoa Tham, Tan Binh District) causing coil endless on 17-9-2012.
Dell launches new range of laptops in the Latitude line of business with many configuration options.
August is the time for new students prepare for the busy day of admission, with the necessary tools to support learning and entertainment, in which laptop is considered one of the top priorities .
Products by attracting young people look fashionable, stylish and optimization features of the operating system Windows 8.
X102BA with 10.1 inch touch screen, 2 GB RAM and 320 GB hard drive.
Computers that have the best touch screen, battery "buffalo" best, most thin and light? Article will introduce you to the best laptops.
The laptop model is priced in the range of 8-10 million buyers always choose the most in recent times.
Before students enter the school day, the big supermarkets are looking forward to growth in sales of the product line as a laptop, smartphone or tablet.
Flip Vaio with 2 hinges to help users turn the machine at every position.
Satellite NB15t with 11 inch touch screen, Celeron chip, 500 GB hard drive, 4 GB RAM, and the price is only 380 USD.
In the school year, for a school year with the best results in preparing thoughtful essential truth.
The laptop had been introduced frantic but no success.
When using the touch screen on mobile devices such as compact smartphone, the tablet has become a habit, plus the advent of Windows 8, to meet customer demand, the laptop manufacturers & ultrabook starting integrated touch screen on product strategy.
Not necessarily 4\'s processor, powerful graphics card or touch screen, you can still choose the laptop for learning needs with reasonable cost.
In the past two months have been a series of discounts both laptops million, of which the laptops of Acer, HP and Asus are the items "cooling off" most powerful.
With Acer accessories called Extend, users can easily convert to a tablet device.
How to choose the product most satisfactory performance in the laptop segment?
At the IFA 2013 event was about to open display in Berlin, Germany, a computer maker Asus has officially unveiled the ultra-mobile handsets 3 in 1 combination between form elements of desktop, laptop and tablet Transformer Book Trio and ultraportable form new X102BA name.
Heatsink for laptop is not a new problem too, but is essential to ensure the longevity of your laptop. However, due to specific design should now be active outside of the hardware manufacturers are still very few efficient cooling solutions for laptops.
Only from 373,000 VND / month, FPT Shop customers, especially freshmen, can be "bought right" for your laptop with a Core i3 configuration ...
International Fair of electronics, telecommunications, consumer products (IFA 2013) is one of the events most anticipated tech world in the year, including a series of well-known manufacturers are bringing to product showcase the latest technology and its unique, with products such as smartphones, cameras, laptops, tablets, desktops ...
Besides the blockbuster mobile, IFA 2013 is also the meeting place of major laptop brands worldwide such as Lenovo, Asus.
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