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The ultra-mobile PCs has grown tremendously in the past few months and no sign of stopping. Here are the 5 best models of them.
Once equipped with the Haswell chip in MacBook Air 2013 and provides double the battery life, Intel also intends to build a version consumes less power, opening the door for generations of laptop and tablet configurations for high fan.
Connect your laptop to your TV can help transmit images and audio from the laptop to the TV and shared with many people.
The Intel Atom series is a new low cost laptop not only cheaper but also tablet just over 3 million.
Single laptop (aka notebook) have relatively short useful life. Over time, the hardware components inside will quickly be outdated and damage is inevitable. Therefore, it is not surprising that the average laptop as time changes every 3 years.
Many of you read the response Quang Binh Provincial People spend 1.4 billion to buy 60 computers, each worth $ 20 million at the end of 2012, but did not see any use delegates.
Late in 2012, Quang Binh provincial People\'s Council deputies equipping a notebook (laptop), but of course 16 Council meeting held on 16 to 18/7, no participants used devices this.
Laptop best overall review: MacBook Air (13-inch)
Rules, advice and tips to help you choose buy the most suitable laptop.
- The products are rated based on each specific criteria such as price, configuration ... available on the market.
On 07/29/2013, Toshiba announced the upgrade many laptop brands Satelite U and M by the new Haswell chip Intel. At the same time, the company also introduced a lightweight E Satelite, technology integration Dragon Interactive Voice Assistant.
Like "Find My Mac" Apple, you can install a utility locate your laptop if lost.
Not eligible to bought the expensive Apple MacBook, technology lovers in the city have the option to install the Mac OS operating system on the PCs which are manufactured to use the Windows operating system.
After 4 days since he Khuc Vietnam Manh send an application to the Group on the Taxi label he left a laptop on by taxi driver 3A Vietnamese Nguyen Tien control, but so far only received a reply is in the process ... solved?
Corning, manufacturer of glass Gorilla Glass protects the current leading smartphone has designed a new glass for better protection for the touch screen laptop.
The owner and proficient use a laptop today is not too difficult, but to be used properly, not everyone knows.
The hybrid model laptop computers and tablet computers (PC hybrid) is being considered as a potential new direction of the PC industry before the onset of a series of powerful next-generation tablet computer (tablet).
A little earlier than expected, HP has officially shelves for Android tablet SlateBook X2 after launch in January last year. Customers can quickly turn this product into a laptop when attached to a detachable keyboard.
Dell will launch Precision M3800 workstation model to compete with the MacBook Pro.
PU500 AsusPro version B400 ASUSPRO successor, equipped with 3rd generation Core chips, SSD drive and is priced from 14.5 million.
I use Toshiba laptop, open it up some today, the lights are still bright, still hear opening win signals, keyboard numlock, capslock light but the screen is still dark just do not see anything. So your computer is infected what? How it works again now? We wish all our consultants offline Dum. Thank you very much - Anh Thu
Today, laptop (notebook) is a personal items are indispensable at work, as well as learning. With a screen size of 13-17 inches, you can easily read, view documents, work online, and much more.
The 11.6-inch laptops are outselling 15.6 inch and 17.3-inch machine.
Origin PC gaming laptop is priced starting at 1474 USD.
HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 Sleekbook equipped facilities including 2 in a touch screen comes with a traditional keyboard.
The office laptops with 10-12 million price range with configuration rather have "power" in the laptop market in genuine Vietnam in May.
29/7 Service Co., Ltd. FPT (FPT Services) launched the second series laptop service center for warranty and Apple in Hanoi.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI can remotely activate the microphone mounted on your Android phone or laptop users to serve the purpose of recording the dialogue. The news was revealed by an unnamed U.S. officials, and of course the FBI as well as Google did not confirm or deny that. Indeed the use of the microphone on the device for wiretapping and secretly recording is not too strange. In 2002, the FBI had monitored using micro crime in an emergency call system of the car. In 2004, the organization continues to use the microphone on the device to monitor the actions of a mafia ...
Equipment market is increasingly flourishing future when Windows 8 was born and have smaller screens tend to easily carry when moving. Here is the hybrid laptop tablet-sized 11.6-inch "nature" today.
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