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On 3/8 recently, Toshiba has introduced in Vietnam, 2 laptops with configuration "framework" for its best players - F750 and X770.
Joshua Kaufman did not just look at the moment my laptop stolen later that day, he was also monitored by the crooks capture webcam images from Hidden applications.
The consumption of Windows 8 laptop can not "hot" like Microsoft and PC makers expect, a new report reveals. And one of the reasons is that users are addicted to cheap products
For connoisseurs who preferred music or movies, the laptop is not the first choice by reductive sound system. But already there are exceptions when a laptop with super surround sound "peak" is forthcoming later this year.
Laptop market shopping season is in the late stages of fierce competition. To attract more customers many retailers have launched promotions to attract customers.
A "monster" high-end gaming laptop from Germany will be one of the first devices in the world equipped with the new chip generation Intel Haswell.
Installment laptop is a method for users to purchase the laptop shop immediately without having to wait a long time to accumulate enough funds. However, the difference of the purchase price installment laptop directly to the shop doing many buyers think twice, though many programs for installment buying pattern is occurring at attractive interest rates at 0% .
Laptop market Vietnam is growing rapidly and is expected to maintain 15-20% growth rate in the years to come, despite the difficult context of the domestic economy as well as global ", HP Vietnam said.
With two built-in screen, the laptop is convenient, interesting and attract attention with technology followers.
Regarding battery life, the Lenovo ThinkPad line is still considered difficult opponents, especially when equipped with a user removable battery outside.
The price is not too high, but still below the laptop is equipped with a strong configuration to meet user needs and learning for students as well as for local office.
Google has launched the Chromebook Pixel, laptops are considered "new evolution" of Chrome OS, the most advanced HD screen for laptop now, multi-finger touch support, but price also outperformed with other Chromebook.
Users today do not fret too much to choose between PC or laptop. But to choose a laptop battery-less, the better medium, high configuration, stable prices beginning to hurt many people.
As a laptop touch with senior strong performance, compact design, the Toshiba Satellite P840t both meet the needs of the mobile medium provides the entertainment world experience movies, 3D games interesting.
Laptops, tablets are rarely the most prominent items at CES, except for last year was a unique case because ultrabook craze. At this year\'s exhibition, the number of laptop, desktop and launch new tablet is not much, however, they are still enough to "draw" to 5 major trends expected to dominate the PC market in 2013.
The computer has 3 modes Sleep, Hibernate, and Shut Down. Sleep allows you to quickly use the computer again. Hibernate like but Shut Down, but you can keep the previous state. Each way has advantages and disadvantages different.
Windows 8 will not only target high-end ultrabook and tablet that even ordinary users can also own a Windows 8 laptop with touch screen fashion.
ClamCase company recently upgraded ClamCase Pro accessories with many improvements help you turn the iPad into a laptop.
Many people wonder how to use the battery of the best, as if kept plugged in when the battery is fully affect the battery life is not?
With Microsoft discounts Windows 8 licensing fees for its PC counterparts, the selling price of the laptop touch screen Windows 8 in the future will be significantly cheaper.
Price of the sensors installed Windows 8 operating system and Intel chips will fall very sharply, to about $ 200 million or 4.
CES laptop vendors participating this year are in full swing for revolutionary touch to find every way to increase the resolution, upgrades, additional touch screen for the old model.
Just finished robbery, robbery group to share places missed stolen property, the police force was arrested.
Go back up an appointment, Cristiano Ronaldo massively spreading technology donated money buying "the house" at Real Madrid next season before splashing bought the car further.
In addition to the design and configuration of hardware, battery power is one of the many factors to be considered when choosing to buy used laptop. Below are the property laptop battery current best.
Regardless of the camera, quite a salesman, after a few rounds around supermarkets in Hanoi, guy was quick flick of the foot on the bag and quickly slipped away.
Here are 7 basic steps you should take when cleaning a laptop. You should see your user guide book of the manufacturer to know in more detail how specific partially disassembled the laptop.
The market has contributed Asus VivoBook X202E (which is considered touch-screen laptops are quite successful at first ultraportable design, small 11.6-inch screen) and the presence of this extra HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook TS14.
These Apple products always succeeded in inspiring creative users.
The latest version of the Razer Blade gaming laptop Razer has been introduced with a thickness of only 0.66 inches.
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